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Other languages: Farsi: آباث

An Abath (AH-bahth; Eng. "female unicorn", from Malay. badak "rhinoceros") is a unicorn-like Wesen that first appeared in a Grimm diary in "Blond Ambition".

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

The horn of the Abath is his primary weapon and is used to impale small children, which it then eats. Much like the tusk of an elephant or horn of a Rhino, it appears to be part of the skull.

I highly suspect that the Abath can see in the dark. His movements are primarily nocturnal and deep within the forest where the sun barely reaches, even in the daylight.

The nose of the Abath is elongated like that of a horse, with large nostrils and overlapping upper lip.



  • In English mythology, the Abath is a female unicorn. Sexually dimorphic, the male is a bearded horse with a horn, whereas the female is a rhinoceros (the rhinoceros was unfamiliar to the Europeans and seemed unicorn-like enough). Abaths have been sighted only in East Asia; only the males can be found in Europe. Both genders are said to possess horns that can be ground into healing antidotes.
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