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Adalind Schade


318-Adalind woged

Actor: Claire Coffee
Other Actor: Mary McDonald-Lewis (impersonation)
Bitsie Tulloch (impersonation)
Gender: Female
Type: Hexenbiest
Relationships: Diana Schade-Renard, daughter
Dead Catherine Schade, mother
Sean Renard, father of her daughter
Dead Eric Renard, sexual relationship
Hank Griffin, sexual relationship
Nick Burkhardt, sexual relationship, father to unborn child
Dead Serena Dunbrook, coworker
Dead Camilla Gotleib, coworker
Stefania Vaduva Popescu, business relationship
Dead Frau Pech, former accomplice
Martin Meisner, acquaintance
Dead Sebastien, acquaintance
Viktor von Konigsburg, former employer
Status: Living
Job: Attorney
Languages known: English
German (fluent)
Comics: Issue 0 (flashback)
Issue 1 (flashback)

Adalind Schade (born October 16, 1985 ("La Llorona") ("Maréchaussée")) is a Hexenbiest who first appeared in "Pilot". Nick Burkhardt first noticed her outside a jewelry store where she momentarily woged into her Hexenbiest form. She used to be a lawyer, but resigned before leaving town. ("Woman in Black") She lost her Hexenbiest powers ("Love Sick") for almost two years before she regained them after giving birth to her daughter, Diana. ("Mommy Dearest") She is currently pregnant with her second child, with the father being Nick, after Adalind tricked Nick into sleeping with her, so Nick would lose his Grimm powers. ("Blond Ambition") ("Bad Luck")


Season 1Edit


Adalind attempted to kill Marie, at Sean Renard's command, but Nick intervened and she injected him with a portion of the drug she was planning to use on Marie. She left the hospital and got into a vehicle driven by Captain Renard, to whom she reported Nick's presence. Adalind was already known to Marie; there was a detailed entry about her in Marie's diary.

"Bears Will Be Bears"Edit

Renard again instructed Adalind to end Marie's life before she could give Nick some unspecified information that would make him unlikely to join whatever group the Hexenbiest and Renard represented. Adalind found assassins - human ones at Renard's instruction - and this time she succeeded, although the hirelings were killed by Monroe and Marie, who fought back. Adalind attacked a human who threatened to mug her and Captain Renard.


When Mellifers attacked and killed two of the Hexenbiest lawyers working for the same law firm as Adalind and she was the next target, Nick protected Adalind from harm, as was his duty as a policeman, even though he recognized her from the attack on his aunt. Adalind was genuinely afraid, and suspected that Captain Renard would sacrifice her. However, she was loyal, and kept his secrets. She was attacked by Melissa Wincroft and wrestled with her; the Mellischwuler gained the upper hand in the fight until Hank appeared to save Adalind and Nick was forced to shoot Melissa, sparing Adalind's life.

"Danse Macabre"Edit

Adalind had recently arranged to run into and socialize with Nick's partner, Hank. Apparently this was done in service to Captain Renard. When Hank was out having a drink with Sargent Wu, Adalind was seemingly stood up by a business associate. They had dinner together.

"Island of Dreams"Edit

In front of a painting in an art gallery, Renard asked Adalind to report on her progress in getting Hank to like her. She replied that Hank was not interested since he believed she only liked him because he saved her life. Renard reminded her she knew how to make Hank love her. She listened and made potion-laced chocolate chip cookies. She offered them to Hank. After he took a bite, she told him not to share them with anyone else.

"The Thing With Feathers"Edit

Adalind continued to feed Hank's obsession with her.

"Love Sick"Edit

Hoping to get Nick's key, Adalind told him to meet her in the woods and give her the key if he wanted Hank to live. During the fight some of Nick's blood was ingested by Adalind, turning her into a regular human. Renard informed her that she was no longer of use to him and she walked out the door.

"Woman in Black"Edit

Adalind had a Himalayan cat named Majique (Mah-jeek), whom she dosed with some sort of toxin in its milk, turning the cat's tongue yellow. She brought the cat to Juliette's clinic, claiming Majique was acting lethargic and not eating. Majique then scratched Juliette on the hand, apparently introducing said toxin into the scratch. By the time Nick went to her apartment to confront her, she was gone and the apartment cleaned out, leaving behind only the near-empty bowl of milk and apparently the cat herself, who was left in the clinic's kennel.

Season 2Edit

"The Bottle Imp"Edit

Adalind telephones Sean Renard and asks who killed her mother. Renard responds that they do not know and asks what Adalind did to Juliette Silverton. Adalind answers that Nick Burkhardt took something away from her so she took something away from him. When Renard tells Adalind that Juliette is awake, Adalind correctly concludes that Renard must have had something to do with her waking.

"The Other Side"Edit

In a Viennese opera house, Adalind meets Eric Renard and they begin a conservation, which mentions betrayal and they know somebody in common: Eric's brother Sean. Later, during the conversation at Eric Renard's Castle, Eric reveals Sean is his half-brother, because his mother is a Hexenbiest and his dad's mistress and Eric's mother is not happy about having a half-Hexenbiest in the Castle, forcing Sean and his mother to move to Portland. Then she reveals to Eric what she knows about his brother and Nick.

"Season of the Hexenbiest"Edit

Adalind returns to Portland in search of the key and to avenge her mother's death. She tells Sean Renard he has forty-eight hours to produce Nick's Key. Feigning friendliness, she leads Juliette Silverton to reveal that Marie Kessler came to Portland in an SUV towing a trailer. She is arrested on suspicion of her mother's murder and taken to jail. She provides a strong alibi which requires verification.

"Face Off"Edit

Adalind is released from jail. As she leaves the precinct, she is stopped by Renard, who forces her to go with him. He asks her to "fix what's wrong with me", to which Adalind tells him: "I can't fix you, but I can make it better." She starts kissing him. She breaks off to say: "I want you. The real you. I want what you would never show her." Renard then woges and Adalind says: "Now we're talking." and they start kissing as they frantically remove their clothes. Later on, Adalind is with Renard at his home. Renard asks her if she has given any thought to what happens to him if his brother gets Nick's Key. Adalind counters with the thought of what happens to her if he doesn't. Renard tells her there is still time to choose sides. To which Adalind replies that she DID choose him a long time ago, and he turned his back on her. He says he will not underestimate her again, but that she should not count on his brother for the same consideration. He then leaves, telling her to make herself at home. Returning to his home, Renard encounters Adalind, who asks if he found the key. He lies to her and says he needs more time. Adalind tells him he is out of time and that there is a car waiting for her downstairs. She tells him she will tell his brother that he tried " awfully hard." She then leaves. In Vienna, Adalind stands in a bathroom with a home pregnancy test device in her hand. The result is shown positive and she smiles.

"Mr. Sandman"Edit

Adalind tells Frau Pech, who has been able to detect her pregnancy, that the father is one of two half-brothers. Frau Pech correctly concludes that Adalind is carrying royal blood and confirms that she can help with the valuable child.

"One Angry Fuchsbau"Edit

At the castle, Adalind meets with Eric Renard and says that his brother has not been able to get the key yet. Sean told her he cannot get it within the given time frame, even though he knows what his brother threatened to do if he did not. Eric says he'll have to pay his brother a visit. He then notices something different about Adalind. She says it's just because she is with him.


Adalind is in Vienna, suffering from morning sickness when Frau Pech knocks on her door and instructs her that she is to meet Stefania Vaduva Popescu. When Adalind pleads illness, Frau Pech tells her that "You do NOT want to offend them."

Adalind and Frau Pech arrive at the Schwarzwald Roma camp and are introduced to Stefania and her sons Dragomir and Lucian. Stefania explains that to calculate the true value of a child, the bloodline must be established. Adalind says she has that information. Stefania says that mothers lie, only blood is true Stefania's sons hold Adalind down on a divan whilst she approaches with an archaic instrument with a long needle and a chamber and Adalind screams.

In the encampment Stefania mixes the blood with another liquid and the whole lot turns blue, confirming Royal blood. She then says that she will offer 500,000 Euros for a boy or 750,000 for a girl. Adalind says that she isn't interested in money, she wants her powers back. Stefania says that may not be possible, to which Adalind replies that she may not bring the baby to term and tells Stefania "those are MY terms."

"The Waking Dead"Edit

Adalind and Eric were starting to make out when Eric had to answer a telephone call from his father. Adalind eavesdrops on the call and hears Eric making disparaging remarks about Hexenbiests.

In her hotel room Adalind receives a visit from Stefania who tells her that it may be possible to restore her powers. Stefania makes Adalind sign a contract before she leaves which says that Adalind will give up her unborn child in exchange for getting her powers back.

While waiting for a dinner appointment, Adalind is warned about Stefania by Frau Pech, who also warns her that to some people she is worth more dead than alive.

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"Edit

Adalind is being served a meal in her hotel room in Vienna when she collapses. The waiter leaves the room and tells Frau Pech that the deed is done. Frau Pech then enters the room and completes her doppelgänger potion turning into a facsimile of Adalind, whilst Adalind turns into a facsimile of Frau Pech. Frau Pech (as Adalind) answers the phone to Stefania and then leaves.

As Frau Pech dies at Stefania's camp, Adalind reverts back to her own form, wakes up and says "ding dong the witch is dead, and another is coming back."

Season 3Edit

"The Ungrateful Dead"Edit

Adalind is summoned to Stefania's abode, where upon arrival, she sees the body of Frau Pech cut open laterally through the chest. Stefania tells her that she has to cut off Frau Pech's hands and feet, and pluck out her eyes. She has to put the body parts in a bucket held by Stefania.

She then goes with Stefania and her sons Miguel and Yanko to a field, where using a hand shaped entrenching tool, she has to dig a hole to bury the body parts. Once she has buried the parts she has to fill in the hole using her bare hands. Once this is complete, she is embraced by some spirits and then all the flowers in a circle round her die. Stefania tells her she has to pick all the dead flowers.


302-Skull on Adalind's stomach

The Skull on Adalind's stomach

With Stefania and her sons, Adalind returns to Stefania's abode where Stefania tells her to put the dead flowers into the chest cavity of Frau Pech's corpse and then to sew up the body. Stefania tells her to bite the thread with her teeth to cut it.

After a while the flowers and Frau Pech's insides have become a paste which Stefania tells Adalind to remove with her hands and put into a jar. Once she has the paste Adalind takes a shower then applies the paste to her stomach. As it is absorbed into her skin, the paste briefly forms a skull, before being fully absorbed into her skin.

"A Dish Best Served Cold"Edit

Adalind is in Eric's castle and asks Sebastien who will be Crown Prince now, and he replies that it will be the "last man standing."

Later she is in her hotel room watching a news report about Eric's death when she cries a tear of blood. There is a knock at the door, and it is a waiter bringing room service. Adalind says that she did not order room service. Unknown to her, Sebastien is watching and he photographs her.

"El Cucuy"Edit

Adalind is in Vienna at the Medical Clinic getting a ultrasound by Doctor Hawelka to check on the status of her child. The doctor told her to be healthy, eat right and have moderate exercise. The doctor then heard what sounded like two heartbeats and Adalind asks if she's having twins, but the doctor said no, and it was probably just an echo, which leaves Adalind with worry for her child. Unknown to her, after leaving the clinic, Sebastien and Meisner were spying on her under Renard's orders.

"Stories We Tell Our Young"Edit

Adalind was seen entering her hotel in Vienna when she received a call requesting her appearance at the Castle by the new prince. She goes to the castle and meets the new prince.

"Cold Blooded"Edit

Adalind talked with Prince Viktor about Eric's death as Viktor was trying to find those responsible for his death. Later, she was seen in her bathroom rubbing paste on her pregnant belly, unaware there are cameras in her hotel room planted there by Viktor.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"Edit

Adalind enters her hotel room where she sees a note and a rose from Sean informing her that there are cameras in her hotel room and to get dressed for a meeting with him in a cafe.

"Red Menace"Edit

Adalind entered the cafe for her meeting with Sean Renard unaware that Meisner was there to watch out for unwanted guests. Renard kissed Adalind's cheeks, and she returns one on his lips. She and Renard discuss the cameras in her hotel room, her pregnancy, and the paternity of the child. Renard warns her about a rumor about someone selling a child with Royal blood. Renard tells her "when this becomes known, and soon enough it will, you’re going to have to choose a side" and then he leaves the Cafe with Meisner.

"The Good Soldier"Edit

Adalind was seen at the cafe going over documents while Meisner is at the bar spying on her on Renard's orders. After Adalind receives her cup of coffee, she experiences pain in her stomach, which she ignored. When Adalind reaches for her cup of coffee, the cup moved by itself and Adalind was shocked. Then she reaches her hand towards the cup of coffee and the cup moves back towards her hand, and she drinks her coffee, which Meisner saw. Then she experiences pain again, but this time it causes the lights in the cafe to blow out.

Later, Adalind returns to her hotel room and Meisner informs Renard of the events involving Adalind at the cafe, which Renard responds to get ready and Adalind is getting her powers back.

"The Wild Hunt"Edit

Adalind was seen entering the castle to meet with Viktor. Before entering the meeting room, she meets Sebastian in the hallway who informs her that Viktor is in a meeting with Gregor Danilov, the head of the Verrat and she should be careful with what she says. She enters the room and Viktor asks her some questions involving Sean Renard and his associates. Adalind told him she received a note from Renard informing her that he figured out who killed her mother and thinks it the Grimm. She tells Viktor that she didn't see Renard and then she leaves. Viktor and Danilov discuss whether Sean or Eric could be the baby's father and the baby will be born royal.

Later in her hotel bathroom, Adalind puts more of the paste she made with parts of Frau Pech's body on her stomach and the baby's hands push out on her stomach.

Later when Adalind was in bed, she wakes up in pain and sees the baby's face pushing out. It turns into a skull and she screams in agony.

Adalind meets with Stefania and who puts her ear to Adalind's stomach and tells Adalind that the baby will arrive soon and that she needs to go into hiding. Adalind tells Stefania that it has only been six months and she should go the hospital instead of going into hiding. Stefania gives Adalind mandrake root to chew on to slow down the process.


Adalind was first seen on the monitor of her bedroom by Prince Viktor, when he receives a visit from Stefania informing him of the status of the birth. If he wants the child to be born in the castle, they must get Adalind as soon as possible.

Later, Adalind receives a call from Sean informing her of Stefania's betrayal and the Verrat will soon be coming for her to bring her to the castle until she gives birth. She asks why should she trust him, he responds he believes he's the father and Viktor wants the child, so she should go with Meisner and Sebastien. She hears a knock on the door. Sean tells her it's time to pick a side and hangs up. When Adalind opens the door, it's Meisner and Sebastien. Sebastien says he will wait downstairs to keep lookout while Meisner tells Adalind to hurry and grab what she needs. Meisner receives a call from Sebastien who says Verrat agents are on their way to the room. Meisner tells Adalind to answer the door as he takes his shirt off and gets into Adalind's bed with his gun. Adalind opens the door to the two Verrat members and they enter the room where they meet Meisner, causing voices to rise slightly. Adalind tries to calm down the situation, but one of the Verrat shoves her stomach hard, causing Adalind pain. Adalind gasps and then a pen on her bedside table starts to wobble. Meisner shoots one of the Verrat and before the other one can shoot Meisner, the pen launches into the eye of the Verrat member. Meisner thanks Adalind, but Adalind tells him she doesn't think it was her.

Meanwhile, during the car drive, Adalind asks why they're helping her. Meisner tells her that she and her child are important to the Resistance, also he, Sebastien, and Sean are members. Meisner tells Sebastien to pull over and he and Adalind get out of the car, and walk into the woods until they reached a cabin belonging to Meisner's family.

Later, in the cabin, Adalind was in the bed after eating dinner and thanks Meisner for the meal, when she suddenly starts to feel a lot of pain in her stomach. She tells Meisner that the baby is coming and screams in pain.

"Mommy Dearest"Edit

314-Adalind's baby born

In the cabin, Adalind is in labor as Meisner tries to get things organized quickly. As he tells her to breathe, Adalind tells him just to get the baby out of her and not let it kill her. Adalind holds on to Meisner's hand as he is trying to get her to calm down and breathe, but Adalind ends up biting his hand. As soon as she does that, books on the bedside table fly at Meisner, forcing him to quickly duck. He tells her to stop that and she painfully asks, "stop what?" He tells her to keep pushing and a few seconds later the baby is born. Right after Adalind sees her baby, she woges into a Hexenbiest. She cracks a small smile as she realizes that the trials with Stefania worked and she has regained her powers.

While Adalind and the baby are sleeping, Meisner calls Renard to tell him the news that Adalind gave birth to a girl.

314-Adalind's baby

Later in the night, Meisner puts another blanket on Adalind. He reaches down and pushes Adalind's hair to the side and it starts to wrap around his hand. He tries to get free without waking Adalind, but the baby wakes up with glowing reddish eyes, staring at him. After a few seconds, Adalind's hair finally unwraps from around Meisner's hand.

"Once We Were Gods"Edit

Adalind was seen cradling her daughter when Meisner arrived at the cabin and asked what she did to the baby, but she tells Meisner that the baby is with her and he tells Adalind that he heard the baby's heartbeat in the forest, then Adalind remembered what the doctor told her about the two heartbeats. ("El Cucuy")

Later Adalind told Meisner "thank you" for saving her and her daughter from the Royals and the Verrat, and later found out in their conservation that Meisner's girlfriend was killed two years ago by the Royals. Then Meisner gets a call from Sean informing him of Sebastien's disappearance, telling Meisner to head to Zurich and he'll arrangements for them to leave the country.

Then Adalind, Meisner and the baby were walking in the woods to an unknown location.

"The Show Must Go On"Edit

Adalind is in the woods with her daughter and Meisner watching Viktor and the Verrat trying to find them. Adalind tells Meisner about Viktor and her daughter starts crying. Adalind tells Meisner that her daughter is hungry and Meisner says to feed her later.

Adalind, Meisner and the baby arrive to the cars that Viktor and the Verrat arrived in. They find Sebastien in the backseat of one of the cars and Meisner checks on him, but is quickly held at gunpoint by a Verrat agent. Adalind uses her powers to save Meisner by forcing the Verrat agent to turn his gun on himself. She was then saddened when Sebastien decided to stay behind to try to make up for what he had done and Adalind was saddened.

Later on the road, Meisner thanks Adalind for saving his life and receives a call from Sean. Sean informs Meisner that Tavitian has someone in Zurich ready to get Adalind and the baby out of the country. Adalind asks Meisner if he is coming with them, but Meisner tells her that he can't go with them because his fight is here.


Adalind was seen with her daughter and Meisner driving to the drop point in Rafz, Switzerland. Meisner told Adalind to wait in the car, while he left she was captured by two verrat agents and was saved by Kelly Burkhardt. Later in the Land strip, Adalind says to Meisner thanks for saving her and gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

Then on the plane, Adalind was informed by Kelly of the supplies on the plane, including diapers for the baby, Adalind knows Kelly is American and asks if she's working for the resistance. Kelly informs Adalind the less we know for the better. Adalind gets emotional and informs Kelly of her situation and Kelly told her to change her baby's diaper.

While on the plane, Adalind's daughter wails, because of the air pressure on the plane and Kelly taught Adalind to rub her finger under her daughter's ears. Kelly told Adalind, its not easy to be a mom. Adalind asks if Kelly has children, Kelly lies that her sister has one. Then Kelly told Adalind its tough raising a baby on the run. Adalind told Kelly Thank you for saving their lives and Kelly inform her that the Royals won't hurt the child, but her. Then Kelly asked Adalind if she's keeping the baby, Adalind responds "I won't let anyone take my child, they've to kill me first" and Kelly told her "Now you sound like a Mother". Kelly asked when's the last time she slept and Adalind lets Kelly take the baby while she slept.

When Adalind, Kelly and the baby arrived in Oregon, Adalind and her baby were in the middle on landscape, when they were apporached by a man who wanted to call the Sheriff, when Kelly knocked him out and Kelly, Adalind and the baby took the truck. During the drive, when Adalind saw the Portland sign, she's upset that she's going to Portland and asks Kelly if she knows Sean Renard.

Then at night after arriving at Nick and Juliette's Home, Adalind, Nick, Juliette and Kelly get to a disagreement, then Juliette verbally told Adalind off about what she did by putting her in the coma. Adalind asks Nick if he's going to kill her and the baby, then the baby uses her powers to cause the house to shake, bend the spoon on the table, crack a photo to crack. Then Juliette notices how wet the blanket around the baby is and ordered Adalind upstairs to dry off the baby.

In the bedroom, after Juliette dries off the baby, she asked Adalind how old is she and Adalind responds maybe 10 days old. Juliette then asks what baby name is, and Adalind responds she didn't have one, because too many people trying to kill them. Then asks Juliette why's she's helping her and why Nick doesn't kill her. Juliette responds Nick should try to kill her the last time she was in Portland.

Later, when Nick, Juliette, and Kelly are arguing about what to do with Adalind and the baby, Adalind sneaks out with the baby and takes the stolen truck to Sean's condo. There, Sean and Adalind discuss Kelly Burkhardt and the surprise visit to Nick and Juliette's house. Sean eventually holds the baby for the first time, as Adalind tells the baby to say hello to her father.

"The Law of Sacrifice"Edit

Adalind gets food from Sean's fridge while he holds the baby. Sean tells her she should stay away from the windows of his home because the less people who know she is there, the better. Sean asks her how she got to his house and she tells him about the stolen truck. Sean's intercom buzzes and he is told that Nick is downstairs. Sean says to send him up which doesn't make Adalind very happy. She tells Sean to make sure he is alone and if he tries to take the baby, then kill him.

When Nick arrives, Adalind asks what he wants. He tells her he isn't there to hurt her or take her baby. Nick says that his mom risked her life to help her, and Adalind asks what would she have done if she'd know she was a Hexenbiest, and woges. Nick tells her that the best chance that her and the baby have is for them to work together. Nick tells Adalind and Renard that when they're ready, they'll talk and Nick leaves.

After Nick leaves, Renard tells Adalind he will do everything he can to protect the baby, so she should stay with him. Adalind asks if that means they are back together and he says he guesses so. While they are talking, Renard gets a call from Nick to warn him about the men on their way up. Renard hangs up and tells Adalind they need to go. They head to the elevator and as soon as they get to it, Nick comes out of one. He tells them to be quiet for a second and he uses his enhanced hearing to figure out the men are coming up the stairwell. After both men are defeated, everyone leaves the building.

Everyone arrives at Monroe and Rosalee's home, but before they go in Adalind says she wants to know where she is, but she is told by Kelly that it's better she doesn't know, that way the people after her won't know where to look. Inside, Rosalee gets Adalind and the baby settled After everyone leaves, Adalind tells Rosalee that she doesn't want to be alone and Rosalee says she won't be.

Later that night, the baby is crying and Adalind can't get her to stop. Monroe and Rosalee get out of bed to see what's going on. Rosalee notices the baby has a little fever which could be why she is crying so much. Suddenly all the clocks in the house go wild as the baby starts crying harder. Suddenly she stops crying and the clocks calm down. Monroe asks what just happened as Kelly walks into the living room.

The next morning, multiple cops burst into the house to arrest Kelly for the murder of Catherine Schade, surprising Adalind.

Adalind and Renard talk on the phone about what just happened and Adalind explains her confusion because she thought Nick killed her mom. Renard says there is new evidence and he needs her to come to the precinct to make a statement about where she was when her mother died. Adalind says she isn't leaving the baby, so Renard tells her to bring her and he will send a patrol car to pick them up.

When Adalind arrives, an officer takes her to Renard's office. Renard says the officer will take her to the interview room so she can leave the baby with him. Adalind hands the baby to Renard and Adalind says she thought of a name for the baby; Diana.

When Adalind arrives to the interview room, she is surprised to find Kelly there too. Adalind asks what she is doing there and Kelly says she wanted to talk to her because at the very least she owes her an explanation. Kelly tells Adalind that she was looking for her the day Catherine died because of what she did to Juliette. ("Woman in Black") ("The Kiss") Kelly says that Catherine wouldn't say anything, so she had to make her because her other choice was to let Juliette die. While they are talking, Renard leaves the precinct with Diana. In the interview room, Adalind says she was angry at Nick because he took her powers. ("Love Sick") Adalind asks why they are having this conversation and Kelly says she had to give up Nick because of who she was and if she hadn't done so, he might have been killed. Adalind tells her it's her problem and if she is looking for forgiveness, she doesn't have any. Kelly says she isn't looking for forgiveness, but she wants her to understand that "sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most." As soon as Kelly says that, Adalind suddenly realizes what's going on and run out of the room looking for Renard.

Adalind goes to Renard's office only to find him and Diana no longer there. She asks Wu where he is and he says Renard just walked out a few minutes ago. Adalind runs off and sees Renard as he comes back inside. She demands to know where her daughter is and Renard says he had no choice because Viktor would have killed both of them if he didn't give Diana to him. Renard says it was the only way to protect her, and Adalind runs outside. She gets to the street and frantically looks around for Viktor, but once she realizes he is gone, she woges and does a screaming roar that breaks all nearby car windows before she collapses to her knees and cries in the middle of the street.

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"Edit

Adalind goes to Nick and Juliette's house and says she needs Nick's help. She tells Nick that Renard gave Diana to Viktor and he tries to act like he doesn't know anything. Adalind tells Nick he has to get his mom out of jail and says she doesn't care that Kelly killed her mom because it was probably her fault anyway. Nick tells Adalind that Kelly was released a couple hours ago and already left town and he has no idea where she went. Adalind tells Nick that he has to help her get Diana back then. Juliette walks up to Adalind and says if the Royals have here baby they won't be in Portland anymore, causing Adalind to woge. She angrily says she isn't giving up her baby and storms out of the house after Nick says there is nothing they can do.

Renard pulls into the parking garage of his condo building and Adalind steps in front of him, causing him to slam on his breaks. Renard gets out of his car and Adalind tells him to get Diana back. Renard says he can't, which causes Adalind to woge and then she shoves Renard back making him hit the front of his vehicle. He woges and Adalind says she hates him, and hits him in the face leaving three scratch marks behind. She tries to hit him again, but Renard grabs her hand and says he doesn't blame her for hating him. They both retract and Adalind calmly says help me. Renard says he doesn't know how and Adalind says, "figure it out because one day I'll stop crying."

The next day, Adalind goes to Monroe's home and tells Rosalee that Diana was taken from her and hugs Rosalee.

Later in the day, Rosalee brings Adalind a drink to help her rest despite Adalind saying she doesn't want to rest. Rosalee says she needs to go to the spice shop, but she isn't leaving until Adalind falls asleep. Later, Monroe puts a blanket over Adalind as she sleeps before leaving with Nick and Hank.

Adalind wakes up to a knock at the door. Once she realizes no one else is home, she gets up to answer the door. She is happily surprised to see that it is Sean who has Diana in his arms. Sean starts to hand the baby to Adalind, but he hands her to Viktor, which causes Adalind to scream and wake up from her nightmare. As soon as she wakes up, she grabs the phone and dials a number. At the castle, Viktor is informed that Adalind is calling and Viktor says he will take the call. Adalind apologizes for everything and pleads for her baby, saying she'll do anything even if she has to come back to Europe. Viktor looks at Rispoli, surprised that Adalind thinks they have the child still. Viktor tells Adalind he'll think about it and tells her to call back later. Adalind sits on the couch, woges, and says she is done crying.

Viktor is sitting in front of his fireplace when Adalind calls back. Viktor continues to make her think he has Diana still and says "it's time to return the favor (after mentioning that her powers were taken from her). You have the blood of the Grimm in you. That makes him vulnerable."

Renard is getting ready to head home from the precinct, when Wu tells him that Adalind is there to see him. She slowly walks toward him after saying she isn't sure she'll ever forgive him. She says that maybe he did make the right decision because the Royals would have continued to come after them. She hugs Renard, much to his surprise, and smiles. Renard then takes Adalind home with him.

"My Fair Wesen"Edit

Captain Renard brings Adalind to a hotel suite for her to stay at for awhile. Renard tells her he will be across the hall, but she tells him she wants him to stay. Renard says he doesn't think it's a good idea and Adalind asks him if he is afraid of her. He says he is and she says she's afraid of him too, but she wants him to stay because she is more afraid of being alone. Renard then agrees to stay with her.

Later, Adalind goes to talk to Frank Ellis about her mother's will. He tells her that her mother hadn't payed taxes for the past seven years before she died, so once everyone was payed, there was only a balance of a little more than 1,500 dollars left. Frank tells her that money has mostly been used up to pay for the storage unit where her personal belongings have been kept and gives her a key to the storage unit.

She goes to the storage unit, opens the door, and begins looking around for an unspecified object. She finds a chest and looks through it. She finds a book, but when she tries to open it, she has no luck. She pulls hard and accidentally throws the book into a mirror, shattering the glass. She grabs a shard of the broken glass from the mirror and tries to pry the book open. She accidentally cuts herself and when blood drips on the book, it steams and quickly opens.

"The Inheritance"Edit

Renard arrives to the hotel room that he and Adalind are staying at, and finds her tending to a cut on her hand, ("My Fair Wesen") which she attempts to shrug off. Adalind then confides in him her worries of their baby's well-being in the hands of Viktor. Renard comments on her cut and tells her he could ask more questions about what she's been up to, but he won't. Adalind walks over to him and Renard says, "if I didn't know you better, I'd be in love with you." The two of them then begin kissing.

Adalind later calls Juliette's work to find out when she'll be in, then quickly covers up her call as Renard walks in to investigate.

Outside the Hotel Deluxe, Wu sees Adalind getting into a taxi and calls Renard to notify him who tells him to call the cab company to find out where the taxi is taking her.

Adalind goes to Nick's house and knocks to see if anyone is home and, seeing that the house is empty, breaks in using her Skeleton Key. She goes into Nick and Juliette's room and takes some of Juliette's clothing and her hair from a brush. Going back downstairs, Renard approaches Adalind and attempts to stop her from taking them. Adalind then uses her powers to throw a vase at Renard's head, knocking him out, and she escapes.

Back at the storage unit, Adalind is making a potion. She puts the hair she collected from Juliette's brush into the cauldron and vapor is emitted. Adalind grabs a Witch's Hat and places it over the cauldron, making a chimney for the vapor to come out of. She inhales the vapor three times, causing her to transform into Juliette.

"Blond Ambition"Edit

In the storage unit, Adalind inhales the vapor coming out of the top of the witch's hat and changes into Juliette.

At his hotel, Renard is surprised to have a visit from who he thinks is Juliette, but unknown to him is really Adalind who says she needs to talk to Adalind and him. She expresses her condolences for Adalind and Renard tells her she doesn't want to get involved with Adalind at the moment. Renard mentions Adalind was in her house and Adalind asks basic questions such as "when" and "how do you know that" to keep her act going. Adalind walks up to Renard and says that she has been confused ever since they went through what they went through, and kisses Renard. Adalind's potion starts to wear off so she "apologizes" and leaves quickly, leaving Renard confused as he thought the situation with Juliette was long over. Adalind gets in a taxi still looking like Juliette and tells the cabbie where to drop her off. Adalind sits in the backseat as her potion continues to wear off.

Adalind's taxi arrives to the storage unit and when the cabbie turns around, he is surprised to see that Adalind looks different than when she got in as the potion has fully worn off and she is back to looking like herself. Adalind just smiles and pays the cabbie before she gets out of the taxi.

Juliette answers the phone and it's Adalind calling. Adalind tells Juliette that she thinks Sean's obsession with her may have returned and asks Juliette if she has had any feelings lately for him. Juliette says no and Adalind says just in case the problem is returning, she will mix something up to help both of them, but Juliette says no potions or mixing of anything. Adalind says she understands her concern and hangs up.

Later, Juliette receives another call from Adalind who says she is checking up on her and Juliette tells her Sean called. Adalind says she has a spray that will make everything between them end again and Adalind offers to come over. Juliette says no because she has too many things to do. Adalind offers to leave the spray with Nick, but Juliette says he is busy getting ready for a wedding. They both hang up and Adalind inhales more of the potion vapor to turn into Juliette once again, and she leaves the storage unit.

Nick goes to his room to get ready for the wedding, but before he does anything, Adalind posing as Juliette comes out of the bathroom wearing Juliette's negligee which gets Nick's attention. Before long, the two of them begin having sex. Afterwards, Nick goes to the bathroom to get ready for the wedding. Adalind puts her clothes on and heads downstairs to leave, but before she can leave, she runs into Trubel coming out of the kitchen. Trubel jokes that she wasn't cooking anything... except bacon. Adalind replies that she hates bacon and leaves. Trubel asks if she's going to the wedding, but Adalind closes the door. Trubel is curious, so she decides to follow her. Trubel watches as Adalind gets into a taxi. As the taxi pulls away, she is surprised to suddenly see a blonde woman in the back of the taxi instead of Juliette.

At the storage unit, Adalind grabs what she needs, including a passport, and locks the unit up. She soon gets on a plane to Europe and thinks about getting Diana back from Viktor.

Season 4Edit

"Octopus Head"Edit

Adalind arrives at the gates of Kronenberg Castle. Viktor and Rispoli come down, and Adalind tells them she took away Nick's powers. Viktor is not sure, but Rispoli says that he doubts she came all this way without accomplishing what he asked for. Viktor lets her in, and they lead her into the castle's dungeon while Viktor talks about how well her baby has been growing. However, Viktor then pushes Adalind into her dungeon cell, and tells her he doesn't have her baby, and that the Resistance took her. Adalind woges in anger, but Viktor walks away, telling her that the cell was built for Hexenbiests.

Adalind receives a bowl of gruel through a slot in the bottom of her cell door. She looks at it in disgust and throws it against the wall. She goes to sleep, and wakes up to see rats everywhere. She woges and screams, scaring the rats away. She then sees a hole in the wall appear and some chuckling. She approaches and says to the voice that her name is Adalind, but the voice responds with "My name is for me to know and you to find out," followed by more chuckling. The hole closes and the voice disappears.

A little bit later, Adalind and Nick both get a severe headache and are briefly able to see through the other's eyes.

"The Last Fight"Edit

"Dyin' on a Prayer"Edit

"Cry Luison"Edit

"Highway of Tears"Edit


At Kronenberg Castle, Viktor wakes Adalind up, causing her to woge. Viktor tells her it's time to go to Portland, but Adalind tells him she's never going back there because she'll be killed. Viktor tells her that she will not be going alone as the only people who have any connection to her child are there, so he and Rispoli will be too.


"Trial by Fire"Edit

"Bad Luck"Edit

Adalind approached Renard outside of the cafe to discuss their daughter and Viktor's search for her and once he has their daughter, he want need her anymore. Then they discuss Nick's getting his powers back and Juliette's new status as a hexenbiest, the reason Nick got his powers back, and Sean send Juliette to Henrietta. Then she pleaded with Renard to fight for their daughter "You and I need to be on the same side. It’s us against them, and I’ll do whatever it takes to save our daughter. I want you with me" and his response "Damn, you’re good! I really do want to believe you" and she said "For once, you should ..." and left his SUV.

Later at night, she visited Henrietta at her home to discuss Juliette and how powerful she has become. Then Henrietta detected something else and told Adalind "Congratuations", Adalind said "For what figuring out it was you". Then, Henrietta told her you really don't know and then told Adalind that she's having a another baby. Adalind told Henrietta that she havent been with anyone else and Henrietta it must be someone and she didn't do this herself and Adalind remembers the spell she used to trick Nick into losing his powers by becoming Juliette and Adalind remembers how the child was conceived and she responded in terror.

"Double Date"Edit

At her hotel room, Adalind was waiting for the results of her pregnancy test and when she enters the bathroom, she saw the results it was positive three times and she freaks out and responded "I can't have another baby, I don't even know where the first one is". Then, she calmed herself down telling herself to breathe and told her unborn child that she'll find it another father and decides that she have to sleep with someone. Then she heard Viktor's voice and decided to approach him and was stopped when she sees King Frederick in the hallway and asked where's Viktor and the King responded that he had Viktor sent home and he's bring another Royal into Portland, but Adalind stays here, since she's family and he didn't like the way Viktor put her in the dungeon. Then Frederick told Adalind, once they have Diana, she'll be "Where She Belongs" and to be raised by her family because she has Royal blood.


Adalind is very poised and graceful. However, she is also treacherous, seductive, manipulative, uncaring and highly intelligent. Following the loss of her powers she became more ruthless and vengeful, and although still arrogant and poised, she was well aware she was a lot weaker. She showed an uncharacteristic vulnerability when she kissed Meisner on the cheek while thanking him for saving her life. She has shown a lot more emotion since she gave birth. After originally agreeing to give her baby to Stefania after she gave birth, she has been very protective of Diana and is careful about who she lets hold her. When she learned that Sean handed Diana over to Viktor, she ended up breaking down crying in the middle of a street once she realized Viktor had already left with her daughter.

Physical DescriptionEdit

In her human form Adalind is a beautiful woman in her late 20's. She wears designer clothing designed to accentuate her natural beauty. She goes to extraordinary lengths to maintain her complexion, including applying leeches to her face to keep the skin pale. She is below average height for a North American white female and has blonde hair. Her Hexenbiest form has the stretched skin of a corpse, with white hair. Although some teeth are missing, the others are all in good condition.


  • Sean Renard - Prior to the series pilot, Adalind had a relationship with Sean Renard. ("Love Sick") Even after they broke up, she remained close by, working for him, and possibly for the Royals with which Renard is associated. All that remained of the relationship was severed when Renard cast her off as "just another pretty girl" when Nick stripped her of her powers. She and Sean later had a one night stand, partially due to a spell he gained from breaking her curse on Juliette and she gave birth to his daughter.
  • Nick Burkhardt - Nick and Adalind first met when Adalind tried to assassinate his aunt. Following that, Adalind treated Nick with contempt and tried to force him to give her his key. However, Nick stripped her of her Hexenbiest powers. The two mutually loathe and hate each other. Nick is the father of her unborn child from when she tricked Nick into sleeping with her to take away his Grimm powers. ("Blond Ambition") ("Bad Luck")
  • Eric Renard (Dead ) - After losing her powers, Adalind moved to Europe where she quickly started an intimate relationship with Eric Renard. She is likely working for the Royal Family in Vienna as evidenced by her most recent visit to Portland as an employee of GQR while seeking Nick's Key. Adalind manipulates Eric using her beauty and charm, but is a the same time fearful of the prince knowing he is a very dangerous and powerful man.
  • Catherine Schade (Dead ) - When Adalind still had her powers, she was close to her mother, but her mother distanced herself once she lost them. She still cared about her mother as evidenced by her desire to find out who killed her.
  • Frau Pech (Dead ) - Adalind was very respectful of the elder Hexenbiest, and took her advice regarding her pregnancy. That is until Frau Pech sought to control the child, when she conspired with Stefania Vaduva Popescu to kill her.
  • Stefania Vaduva Popescu - She was introduced as the Queen of the Schwarzwald Gypsies by Frau Pech, and has entered into a contract with Adalind for her unborn child in return for her powers back.
  • Juliette Silverton - They met and apparently became friends after a double date with Hank and Nick. She infected Juliette with L'esprit ailleurs using her cat as an agent. When Juliette awoke from her coma, Adalind used their friendship to learn about the existence of the trailer. After Juliette recovered, Nick told her about Adalind's part in her illness and she now despises Adalind.
  • Viktor von Konigsburg - After Eric Renard's death, Viktor kept her as an employee of the Royals, and spied on her. Viktor is seeking to take possession of her and Sean Renard's daughter, Diana Schade-Renard.


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  • The etymology of her name is derived from the Germanic elements Adel/adelig "noble" and lind "gentle". Schade is German for "it's a pity".
  • She was the first non-human whose form Nick sees, as well as the first non-human to appear. ("Pilot")
  • She was the first Wesen to become human. ("Love Sick")
  • She was the first Wesen to regain her powers. ("Mommy Dearest")
  • Her cat's name was "Magique", French for "magic", a practice commonly associated with witches.
  • She was the first character to get pregnant. ("Face Off")


  • (To Catherine) "Mom! You're lucky I didn't rip your throat out!"  ("Love Sick")
  • (About Nick giving her the key) Nick: "I guess you don't need to be a Hexenbiest to be a witch." - Adalind: "You don't have to be a witch to work this kind of magic."  ("Season of the Hexenbiest")
  • (To Eric Renard) "There are worse things than torture or death.......Betrayal."  ("The Other Side")
  • (To Frau Pech and Stefania) "Those are MY terms."  ("Volcanalis")
  • (To Sean Renard) "I want you. The real you. I want what you would never show to her."  ("Face Off")
  • (About Frau Pech) "Ding dong, the witch is dead. And another's coming back."  ("Goodnight, Sweet Grimm")

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