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Do not take this ring off, because it will be extremely painful... for your children.

Conrad Bonaparte, in "Set Up"

Adalind's Ring
603-Adalind's Ring
Owned by: Adalind Schade
Others: Dead Conrad Bonaparte
Purpose: Harm Adalind's children if removed
Location: Unknown
With Adalind (formerly)

Adalind's Ring is the cursed wedding ring that was given to Adalind by Conrad Bonaparte, who telekinetically placed it on her left ring finger. ("Set Up") Bonaparte had planned for Adalind and Sean Renard to get married to help further enhance and create a fairy tale type of public persona for Renard and his family. He also wanted Renard, Adalind, Kelly, and Diana to stay together, which would help ensure Black Claw's place in history, but he had some concerns about Adalind's commitment to the cause and to being a part of Renard's "family," and the ring helped solve that issue for him. After he put the ring on Adalind's finger, he warned her that taking it off would cause great pain to her children, though he did not specify exactly how it would harm them if she did so. It is not yet known if the curse the ring holds can somehow be removed or mitigated.

But the ring's location is currently lost due to the events in "The End". Where Nick removed the ring when Adalind was 'dead' and when he was sucked into the portal again where everyone was back- alive, it is shown that the ring is missing from Adalind's hand.


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