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Angelina Lasser

Angelina Lasser

206 - Angelina woged as Blutbad

Actor: Jaime Ray Newman
Gender: Female
Type: Blutbad
Relationships: Dead Hap Lasser, brother
Dead Rolf Lasser, brother
Monroe, ex-boyfriend
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Will
TV Show: "The Three Bad Wolves"
"Over My Dead Body"
Mentioned: "The Bottle Imp"
"Trial by Fire"

Angelina Lasser was a Blutbad who appeared in "The Three Bad Wolves" and "Over My Dead Body". Angelina presented herself as a passionate and violent Femme Fatale, dressing in leather and provocative clothes, riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and engaging in lots of drinking, fighting and casual sex.


"The Three Bad Wolves"Edit

Her murders of two Bauerschwein brothers, George and Stanley Orson, set into motion a violent chain of events culminating in the murder of her own brothers, Rolf and Hap Lasser by the last surviving Bauerschwein brother, arson investigator Lt. Orson.

She first appears in "The Three Bad Wolves" at her brother Hap's house, after he is nearly killed in an explosion. She then goes to Monroe's Home, ostensibly to help protect her brother. There, her personality gets in the way of her goals: she gets into an altercation with Nick and then lures Monroe into the woods for a romantic night of love making and rabbit-killing. While Angelina and Monroe are in the woods, Hap is left alone in the house. Posing as a 24/7 Ribs delivery man, Orson has little trouble executing Hap in their absence.

After Hap's death, Angelina zeros in on Orson as the killer and goes to the Bauerschwein's home to take revenge. Nick Burkhardt stops her from killing the lieutenant by striking her in the sensitive part of her lower back, where the Blutbaden have a special nerve cluster. Orson manages to shoot her in the back but she escapes, leaving a trail of blood.

Angelina's actions reveal several things about Blutbaden culture and Monroe's past. Her massacre of Orson's brothers is an extreme manifestation of traditional Blutbaden-Bauerschwein relations, in which Blutbaden terrorize and bully the generally peaceful Bauerschwein--or as Angelina puts it, "tear out a little piggy throat"--for fun. Her response to her brothers' deaths also reflect the Blutbaden ethos of personally avenging any crimes committed against a Blutbad or their family. In addition, Monroe never for a moment doubted that Angelina was innocent of her brothers' deaths. Nick credits this to Monroe's feelings for Angelina, but Monroe says that it's purely cultural. He tells Nick: "we don't kill our own."

Monroe and Angelina were lovers in the past, before Monroe reformed. The relationship appears to have been both wild and deeply felt. The couple once spent a month together naked in the woods, and Angelina admits to still loving Monroe. At the end of the episode, Angelina leaves a copy of a photograph of her family on Monroe's front porch and disappears, howling.

"Over My Dead Body"Edit

Angelina was in the End Up bar, where she was dancing with a man who is buying her drinks and snacks. When he comes on too strong, she takes her motorcycle helmet and leaves. In the bar parking lot, the man approaches her from behind, attacks her, and threatens to rape her. She hits him with her motorcycle helmet. He then woges into a Skalengeck and she woges and kills him. While she is going through his wallet, another man puts a gun to her head.

She is forced into a van where Arbok is waiting. He says that the Skalengeck she killed had been hired by him to kill someone. He woges into a Königschlange and uses his tongue to examine her. He determines from her heartbeat that she is afraid. He offers her money to take the contract. Angelina takes the file on the target and quickly agrees. She is given a phone and told that she has twenty four hours to obtain the body. She is then to call them for delivery instructions. She exits the van clearly shaken.


Angelina talking with Monroe

Angelina barges into Monroe's home and interrupts Monroe and Rosalee kissing. She goes to the kitchen and helps herself to some wine. Monroe follows her, where she laughs at him for having a relationship with a Fuchsbau, and then tells him that she has been hired to kill him. She shows him the file she received from Arbok, and tries to convince Monroe to leave town. Monroe convinces her that he has to call Nick and they wait for his arrival.

When Nick arrives he immediately tries to arrest her for the murder of the Bauerschwein  ("The Three Bad Wolves"), but Monroe convinces him not to, as she has risked her life to warn him about the contract on his life. Nick is further angered when she tells him about the Skalengeck outside the bar that she killed, but their truce holds.

Angelina and Nick then leave Monroe with Hank and head to the End Up bar. Once there, Angelina, posing as another detective, "solves" the crime by putting together the "clues" she left when she killed the Skalengeck to show that the victim, a serial rapist, had tried to rape a woman who had killed him with a crowbar. The on-scene officer believed that Angelina was Nick's partner, and that he is lucky to have such a partner, to her amusement and his chagrin.

Angelina then realizes that the phone she took from the Skalengeck could lead them to the people who want Monroe dead. Angelina corners him in a shop and he reveals that Monroe is being hunted because he is working with a Grimm.

Angelina and Nick then go to Hank's house to collect Monroe and formulate a plan. Nick convinces Hank that to save Monroe they have to work with Angelina. The plan is to drug Monroe with a potion that causes the appearance of death (this has to be done to confound the Königschlange's senses) and then Angelina will deliver Monroe's body. Rosalee warns that if Monroe's fingers curl and his skin goes pale, he should be resuscitated immediately.

Angelina takes Monroe's body to the meeting place where Arbok woges and confirms that Monroe is dead. They force Angelina to wait until Mia arrives and she comments that Angelina is very cold-blooded to kill one of her own kind. Angelina becomes anxious as Monroe's fingers begin to curl. There is a further delay whilst Mia and the men return to their car, during which time Monroe's fingers curl more and he starts to turn pale. She abandons all pretense and starts to resuscitate him. When the men return, they are disgusted until Monroe revives with a gasp.

206-Angelina dying2

Angelina right before she dies

Angelina prepares for the upcoming fight and jumps off the back of the car where Monroe is, but she is shot. Monroe is enraged and tears out the throat of the man that shot Angelina then returns to Angelina's side, where she warns him to be careful in the future when she's not around and then dies. Nick and Hank kill the rest of the men, but Mia escapes.

206-Angelina grave

Angelina's grave

Nick starts to call the police, but Monroe stops him saying that he wants to mourn Angelina the Blutbad way.

Deep in the forest Monroe buries Angelina at the base of a tree, he covers the grave with rocks and then smashes his watch and places it on the center of the grave. He then woges and after a few false start whimpers, lets out a mournful howl that resounds throughout the forest.


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