Arthur Jarvis
Arthur Jarvis
Actor: David Clayton Rogers
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Dead Lucinda Jarvis, wife
Status: Living

Arthur Jarvis was the husband of Lucinda Jarvis, a Murciélago, and he appeared in "Happily Ever Aftermath".


"Happily Ever Aftermath"Edit

After he lost almost all of his money when Bernard Aidikoff, a man in charge of a Ponzi scheme, committed suicide (Arthur and Spencer Harrison had been entitled to 20-30% of Aidikoff's Ponzi scheme profits), he and Spencer went to Lucinda's stepmother, Mavis Kerfield, for help. She denied his request since he, Spencer, and Lucinda had cut off the stepfamily socially, and Lucinda, upon hearing about it, killed her and one of her daughters and attempted to kill the other one so she could have the money. Arthur was questioned at the precinct about the death of Lucinda's stepmother, and he told Nick and Hank how he met Lucinda's stepsisters in what was supposed to be a set up between them at a party; instead, he fell for Lucinda right away after he met her. He described his marriage to Lucinda as the "straw that broke the camel's back" in regards to the tensions that already existed in Lucinda's family.

Fearful for Lucinda's life and thinking that one of her stepsisters had killed her stepmother, he tried to reason with her and stop her from going over to one of her stepsister's homes due to what she claimed was needed closure. When Nick later returned to Arthur's home to ask about the whereabouts of Spencer, Arthur began to think that Spencer was the killer and told Nick that Spencer was furious about the news of Mavis' death and that he believed Spencer went to Tiffany Kerfield's house.

It's unknown how much Arthur was aware of concerning Spencer and Lucinda's true nature, but he was distraught and likely had an idea that she was "different" after she clawed his face and told him that she never loved him.


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