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S1 S3
Bear Claw
102-Bear Claw
Owned by: Frank Rabe and Diane Rabe
Dead Rolek Porter (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt
Others: Handcuff Barry Rabe
Purpose: Disemboweling victims
Location: Trailer (formerly)

The Bear Claw is a traditional Jägerbar weapon. It is an ancient weapon dating back over a thousand years.

A description in Marie Kessler's book explains that this bear-claw like weapon is a rare Germanic find, dating back to 900 A.D. Likewise, Diane Rabe gave a similar description when she was asked about it.

With a carved bear head and a claw-like scoop, Jägerbars use it to disembowel their victims. This weapon is used during Roh-hatz, a coming-of-age celebration of a young Jägerbar from boy to man. Nick also found one in the weapons cabinet in Marie's Trailer. Nick received a second claw from Rolek Porter when he gave Nick the trunk of Grimm items he owned. ("The Inheritance")


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