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  • Supertoastfairy

    Is Grimm Sci-Fi?

    April 12, 2013 by Supertoastfairy

    Now, as many of us who took high school English class know, science fiction has eight different motifs:

    1. Time Travel
    2. Worlds
    3. Science and Scientists
    4. Genetic Manipulation
    5. Cyberpunk
    6. Future War
    7. Artificial Intelligence
    8. Alien Encounter

    Could Grimm fall under a few of these categories. Now, it doesn't take a whole lot for a story to fall into a certain genre. For example, you can think of Superman as being sci-Fi, simply due to his being an alien. Or Spider-Man, due to his genetic fusing with a spider DNA strand.

    If you have not seen Big Feet, then you probably don't know that Wesen are parahuman. This means that they have human DNA, with additional DNA from a non human life form, like a dog or a cat. Could Grimm fall under the category of genetic manipulati…

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  • Monstermaster13


    April 12, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    Liebenswert (Ger: Adorable):

    A race of guinea pig-like Wesen that are known for their adorable appearance and kind-hearted and sweet natured personalities.

    They are often naive or child-like personality wise but are extremely sweet natured and playful as well as being quite intelligent.

    In woged state they have brownish/greyish or blackish fur on their hands and face - their eyes grow slightly bigger and their noses turn blackish and get slightly rodent-like - which gives them a cuter appearance.

    Younger members such as kids and teens tend to be playful and energetic, they like getting out and about and playing with friends.

    Like most rodent based Wesen they are harmless and friendly and tend to be extremely shy at times - but they do show sign…

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  • That1Guy99

    Ailes éthérées (French for ethereal wings) :

    A race of fairy-like wesen known for having a careful but kind nature.

    When woged, this wesen eyes become enlarged and their nose, fingers, ears and chin, pointy. Along with these features, wings grow out of their backs. These wings' features, such as color or shapes, differenciate from family to family, much like Genio innocuo's skin pattern.

    Thorought their lives, they produce a kind of powder, called "poussière de fée" (fairy dust) that has magical properties that can even grant the gift of flight, though only for a certain amount of time.

    They are also prone to sudden mood swings, though the reason for this is unknown. Their overall lifespan is 50 years for female Ailes etherees and 45 for males…

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  • Dipper's Cat 707


    April 7, 2013 by Dipper's Cat 707

    Greetings. I come from another wiki, as you might tell. So, Lets get to the point:


    There you have it folks.


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  • That1Guy99

    ( I didn't know what to call this wesen )

    When woging, this wesen's skin wither away until it's turned into a skeleton-like creature with completely red eyes. While this happens, its skin releases hormones that makes other creatures, except from Grimms, near it start fearing it.

    To survive, this creature must consume the souls of living creatures, leaving them in a state of coma. If it does, it's able to survive for an indetermined amount of time without aging.

    On its right hand it has a mark which, if touched by anyone, marks their skin. This lets this wesen locate them.

    They are usually quiet and sneaky. Most don't have many friends and, if they do, it's usually humans who don't know about them being a wesen.

    It's not a very good fan-made wes…

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  • Mrpluto

    Teufel Gehorned

    April 5, 2013 by Mrpluto

    Teufel Horned is Ibex: like creature.

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  • SheldonCooperWannabe

    In the first episode of Grimm, "Pilot", Nick starts flipping through the Grimm diaries soon after receiving them. As he does this, we briefly get a glimpse of a wesen called a "Waage". The picture is rather blurry, but the mysterious wesen seems the have scaly skin, sharp teeth, a crested head, and hands with elongated fingers and webbing. The wesen seems to be somewhat semi-aquatic and I believe that it is one of the cooler wesen they have showed us, but until they use it in an episode, the beast remains shrouded in mystery. Does anyone know what kind of animal or mythical beast it resembles? Stop by the Waage page and then give me your best guess!

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  • Grimmival

    The Riddle

    March 27, 2013 by Grimmival

    That's right, I'm back with a new fan made episode of Grimm, based on "The Riddle". I am sure I have imporved, but tell me what you guys think. Enjoy!

    The reason why there is more extreme language and more graphic violence is because my fan fiction stories from now on will be more adult, and while the Television series is quite graphic, this is more graphic and so is targeted as more of a Rated R type of series than the series on TV which is more of a PG-13.

    • Balam
    • Hexenbiest
    • Nuckelavee
    • Wildiebe (a Raven like Wesen)
    • Wendigo

    Quote: "What slew none, yet slew twelve?"

    Sean Renard pulls his car up to an old house in the woods at night, in a stressed mood, and gets out. He steps up the stairs and knocks on the door. He adjusts his suit to be presentable…

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  • Monstermaster13


    March 26, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    Verstand (Ger: Brains):

    The Verstand are a race of highly intellectual weasel-like Wesen based on and inspired by the polecat,  most people tend to think these types are cowardly but they are actually quite brave when they need to be.    They have a very high IQ and can memorize almost anything.

    A lot of them tend to work in the field of technology and science,  in woged state they have fur on their hands as well as claw-like fingernails and patches around their eyes.

    They are very sociable towards Grimms and are more often than not willing to help on several occassions.   They have a neutral bond with smaller Wesen as well.

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  • Bluegrassgirl

    Grimm stories

    March 25, 2013 by Bluegrassgirl

    Hi, I was thinking, I love to write stories, and Grimm is a fertile ground for story ideas. So I'll post a new Grimm story I've written every now and then. Feel free to post your own. My brother hopes that the guys who make Grimm will see this, and use my stories for episodes. In my dreams right? :)

    Oh, and please make a picture of your wesen, if you want, and it would be nice if you made up your own, but exsisting ones are acceptable.

    Here's part one of my first story--what do you think?

    Part I

    The sun shone hotly down on the beach, as 19 year old Camilla Duff stepped onto the burning sand.

    Kneeling, she took off her flip-flops and put them in her bag.

    She threw her head back, and breathed the sea air deeply. Her dark brown hair swirled smoothl…

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  • PDXBlazer

    Although the credit was for the name of the Jinnamuru Xunte before its name was changed from Jinnamuru Xuntee.

    I'm pretty sure the images they used were the screencaps we had before the episode aired too.

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  • Monstermaster13


    March 22, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    schlechtatem (Ger: Bad-breath):

    A race of Komodo dragon-like Wesen that are known for their really bad temper and bad attitudes.

    They tend to be high strung at most times, sometimes they lose their cool even over the simplest of things.

    Younger members of this species such as children or teenagers tend to have fits of rage, with children these are like tantrums only more severe as it causes them to woge involuntarily.

    They are inhumanly strong and have breath that is highly dangerous to weaker Wesen and to a lesser extent humans, making them nautious.

    In woged state they develop greyish skin with a scaly and slightly armoured texture, their fingernails grow longer and sharper, their tongue becomes lizard-like and they develop sharpened and ser…

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  • Monstermaster13

    My Wesen List

    March 17, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    This is my list of all my Wesens i've come up with here on the Wiki.

    Beutelbar (Koala-like Wesen)

    Wasserspeier (Gargoyle-like Wesen)

    Stinkgier (Skunk-like Wesen)

    Konigspinguin (penguin-like Wesen)

    Bambusbar (Panda-like Wesen)

    Gespenst (Ghost-like Wesen)

    Leuchte (Genie-like Wesen)

    Boser Geist (Ghoul-like Wesen")

    Menschenaffe (Ape-like Wesen)

    Katzenartig (Cat-like Wesen)

    Froschphibie (Frog-like Wesen)

    Krahenfeder (Raven/crow-like Wesen)

    Riechenfisch (Fish-like Wesen)

    Schwantanzen (Swan-like Wesen)

    Untergeist (Ghost-like Wesen)

    Pferdchen (Pony-like Wesen)

    Befurchten (Vampire-like Wesen)

    Chamaleon (Chameleon-like Wesen)

    Lachelnkatze (Cheshire Cat-like Wesen)

    Shutzengelhund (dog-like Wesen)

    Schimpfengeln (Yeti/Grinch-like Wesen)

    Baumstamm (Elephant-like Wesen)


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  • Monstermaster13


    March 17, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    Verderben (Ger: Doom-laden):

    A race of crazed, demonic fae-like Wesen that serve as the inspiration behind the tale of the Dullahan of Irish folklore.

    These Wesen tend to be crazy or psychotic at times and don't like to be disturbed or watched, for if something else other than another Wesen or a Grimm watches them, then they were will put a curse on that person that makes them suffer from various things including dementia and the feeling that they are going to die.

    Although they are considered psychotic and crazy, these guys rarely ever kill unless they are disturbed.

    These Wesen are amazingly fast and can dart around rather well in the air, most times they are seen on some type of transportation or getting on and off one, if a non-Wesen or s…

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  • DJ Grimm 9

    Templars Royals?

    March 16, 2013 by DJ Grimm 9

    After watching the episode "Natural Born Wesen" I had a crazy theory. The first Wesen existence ever recorded were during the 4th Crusade. It was during the Crusades of the mid-evil times the Templars were around. So I got to think that maybe the Templars are one of the Royal families. Has anyone else thought about this?

    Ok so I've been doing a little more research on my subject, and it turns out that the Grimms were Templars. However only a handful of grimms were templars, and at the same time the Grimms that were Templars were also working for the royal families at the time. Is this a better for anyone?

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  • Gaarmyvet

    Criminals as Wesen

    March 15, 2013 by Gaarmyvet

    This item may be a little premature, being based on the press release for "Natural Born Wesen", but I've been thinking about it for a while. Are all criminals Wesen? Please note, that's not the same as asking, are all Wesen criminals?

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  • Munchydragon

    Hello everyone in celebration of Grimm's first third season episode I decided to reopen murders in the wesan world originally statred by thisflyingtrain. If you have never participated then here is how it goes I will give some details for a murder and you post which wesan you think did it.  I will give you five days to answer each riddle. Allso like before I invite everyone to submit your murders.

    Here is your first riddle a young woman was found dead floating allong the river. The cause of death was that she drowned but there where traces of a neurotoxins in her system. 

    So good Luck

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  • Leo rising

    okay, i'm just expressing some thoughts/opinions/questions i have after last night's episode. feel free to comment..would love to hear what other people think.

    i love grimm, but i must admit i found this episode somewhat confusing, underwhelming, and disappointing.

    issue #1) bitsie tulloch said in an interview a few months ago that her character was going to be in a wild & crazy sex scene that was so awesome that it required a stunt coordinator..if she was talking about last night..where was the "sex" in that scene, lol?

    issue #2) if they are on the road to recovery, why does one of the previews have juliette and renard naked in bed together, with her touching his face?

    issue #3) maybe i need to see the episode again, but how does nick going t…

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  • Monstermaster13


    March 6, 2013 by Monstermaster13


    A race of gluttonous toad-like Wesen that live in swamps and other damp places.

    They are known for their big appetites and their oily skin,  their skin has been known to have very oil properties.

    When nervous,  these creatures often sweat profusely,  they are often very cautious of others.

    In woged state they develop brownish green skin,  ridges on their brows and their face stretches and some even develop bumps or 'warts'.

    They like to collect small insects or sometimes they eat them, again these type of Wesen will eat almost anything.

    They tend to be either wreckless or clumsy most of the time.

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  • PDXBlazer

    Here's the regular cover

    Here's the "special" cover

    The regular cover can be pre-ordered here and the special cover here.

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  • Monstermaster13


    February 21, 2013 by Monstermaster13


    A race of short Impish Wesen that inspired the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings series.

    They are known for being storytellers and singers as well as adventurers, they are very curious but with a wide-eyed innocence about them.

    In their woged state they get slightly shaggy hair, pointed ears, their eyes grow wider in size and fur grows on their hands and feet - but their feet change size a little bit.

    These Wesen rarely ever shoes except if it's sandals or something that fits their large feet.

    They are known for their big appetites, as they multiple different meals a day - they are very playful and kind towards other Wesen and are very sweet towards Grimms.

    When in comes to occupations, these guys are sometimes classed as either chefs, g…

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  • Monstermaster13


    February 21, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    This is my new fanmade Wesen:

    langeschnabel (Ger: Long-beak):

    A race of bird-like Wesen based off the Kiwi bird, they are very strange but unique species.

    They are very skittish and eccentric in their own ways but are very in touch with nature and are nocturnal.

    In woged state they have brown feather coating on their arms, back, and chest, and they have short talons in place of fingernails or toenails, their nose grows longer and takes on a slightly beakish appearance, and their eyes turn black with no pupils and shrink.

    They love gardening and working in the department of horticulture, they eat special kinds of worms that help their feathers stay shiny and prevent them from molting.

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  • Monstermaster13

    New Fanmade Wesens

    February 19, 2013 by Monstermaster13


    A race of canine Wesen based of the dog species the Doberman pincher, they're known for their work as crime-fighters of the Wesen world.

    They tend to be very surly and sarcastic types with a bit of a cowardly side but are very strong, and have heightened senses.

    In woged state they have thick fur on their hands and feet and sharp claws, their faces turn into a half canine muzzle and their teeth sharpen a bit...making them look more vicious.

    Despite their nature and their reputations, they are often quite kind-hearted and heroic at times - and are very loyal to others that work in the same profession as them.

    In woged state they have thick fur on their hands and feet and sharp claws, their faces turn into a half canine muzzle and t…

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  • Monstermaster13

    My Star Wars Wesen

    February 18, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    Nacktschnecke (Ger: Slug):

    A race of a slug-like Wesen based on the Hutt race, they are very large and grotesque but despite this - they are capable of showing generousity from time to time.

    They are quite bulky and produce very slippery slime from their bodies almost like sweat, this slime can also be used as a soothing mud that clears up blemishes, wrinkles, and other facial imperfections.

    In their woged state their skin turns brownish with small splotches of grey or greenish, their eyes become narrower and slitted - making them look slight reptilian, they gain a bit more weight but they don't get a slug-like tail in places of legs, they just get slightly stubby arms and legs.

    Most of these tend to be of a very hefty build and mostly have o…

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  • Monstermaster13

    So I took that test and it turns out that i'm a Grimm.   

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  • Gammawolf1

    New Wesen idea

    February 17, 2013 by Gammawolf1
    • Well, I've just started watching Grimm and I guess it's ok. Well I have an idea for a new kind of Wesen. Check it out:
    • Name: Verwandlungskünstler
    • Personality: Malicious, mischievious, sadistic, sometimes have the need to replace form taken
    • Appearance: appears faceless when woged; can change overall appearance
    • Ability: To copy any induvidual it has ever seen to a cellular level and can copy memories of said individual. IT can copy living, deceased or fictional characters as well as copy inanimate objects. Has a regeneration power that lets it heal twice as fast as a normal human could. Have certain levels of superhuman strength, durability and speed.
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  • SheldonCooperWannabe

    I know nothing about what Star Wars is actually about, but I have recently been spending a lot of time looking at the alien creatures from the famous science fiction movie series and I think that a lot of them would make awesome wesen. So, my challenge to you is to invent a wesen based on any Star Wars character! It can be based on either a humanoid alien from the series or a more animal like creature. Lets assume that the creators of Star Wars were wesen and based their monsters on strange wesen; some real, some legendary or "cryptid" wesen. I encourage you not to repeat characters and to be CREATIVE. Have fun!

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  • Gaarmyvet


    February 9, 2013 by Gaarmyvet

    The best word I can think of to describe the effort is "disappointing."

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  • SheldonCooperWannabe

    All Wesen

    January 27, 2013 by SheldonCooperWannabe

    This is a list of the wesen from both the show and the Wiki. I will post the name of the wesen and the animal is resembles or inspires. Enjoy!

    Here we go:

    Blutbad (wolf)

    Jagerbar (bear)

    Mellifer, Mellischwuler (queen) (honey bee)

    Hexenbiest/Zauberbiest (witch)

    Reinigen (rat)

    Bauerschwein (pig)

    Siegbarste (ogre)

    Mauzhertz (mouse)

    Lausenschlange (boa constrictor)

    Ziegevolk (goat)

    Geier (vulture)

    Fuchsbau (fox)

    Scharlach Fuchsbau (red fox)

    Grau Fuchsbau (gray fox)

    Spinnetod (black widow spider)

    Lowen (lion)

    Dickfellig (rhinoceras)

    Skalenzahne (crocodile)

    Steinadler (eagle)

    Schakal (jackal)

    Daemonfeuer (dragon)

    Skalengeck (lizard)

    Klaustreich (alley cat)

    Seltenvogel (golden bird)

    Hundjager (hound dog)

    Antik Hund (extinct) (ancestral dog)

    Gefrierengeber (Santa Claus)


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  • Monstermaster13


    January 24, 2013 by Monstermaster13


    A race of bloodthirsty ghoul-like Wesen that serve as the inspiration behind the Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

    These Wesen are infamous for their love of blood and carnage and much like how the colour red in general can provoke a blutbad, even the smallest drop of blood can get these guys into a frenzy.

    They are mostly on the side of evil, but rarely would do anything as gruesome as kill an innocent child.

    In woged state their skin turns pale and their teeth and nails lenghten and sharpen and their eyes become sunken and dark circles appear around them,  their brows also arch and become menacing and their hair tends to spike up and become messier.     At first when their teeth sharpen they tend to look li…

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  • Monstermaster13

    My New Wesen

    January 24, 2013 by Monstermaster13


    A race of Beast-like Wesen that are the inspiration for the Beast from Beauty And The Beast.

    Despite their gruff appearances and rather bad reputation, they are really passionate and kind-hearted, they are extraordinarily strong and agile.

    In woged state they develop similar features to a Lowen only that their brow becomes more monster-like and their eyes turn either neon green or yellow and develop feline slits, they also have semi feline-like ears.

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  • Gcheung28

    Hey Grimm fans, do you think you know all about the Brothers Grimm's fairytales? We have a little quiz for you to test your knowledge! Check it out now and don't forget to share your score when you're done!

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  • Monstermaster13

    My New Wesens 2

    January 21, 2013 by Monstermaster13


    A ghoul-like Wesen that much like Reinigen are mostly musicians, they are generally viewed as being creepy but are actually quite charming and socialble.

    These Wesen are extremely talented singers and dancers and know a lot about the magical arts, they have expertise in the musical and magical arts.

    In their woged state their skin grows paler and their brow becomes a monster-like brow as their nose becomes slightly bat-like in shape, their hair tends to glow longer and their eyes glow as their teeth and nails sharpen.

    They are often used in common horror stories and urban legends, often said to be the source of inspiration behind ghost and ghoul related myths.


    A race of Wesen that are similar to the Aye Aye - they a…

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  • Gaarmyvet

    First Webisode

    January 17, 2013 by Gaarmyvet

    Check the main page, right.

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  • Bob the Wikipedian

    I know it's been several weeks now since the mid-season cutoff, but having forgotten to do it sooner, I think I'd better get it all documented before I forget!

    • Nick and Monroe are still keeping the Wesen a secret from Juliette. She's lost trust in both of them.
    • Nick severed his relationship with Juliette, not realizing her secret romance is part of Adalind's enchantment.
    • Juliette no longer has to worry about upsetting Nick, so if she decides she likes Renard she won't have to tell him no now.
    • Nick and Monroe have just discovered Captain Renard is the man Juliette is seeing. Monroe recognizes Renard but probably doesn't know yet what Renard's relationship is to Nick.
    • Nick's coworkers are starting to notice he does off-the-records investigating, …
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  • Monstermaster13

    The New Wesens

    January 13, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    A race of serpentine Wesen that are the inspiration for the Loch Ness Monster, they are very rare and elusive but despite the mystery that surrounds them - they are gentile and peaceful.

    Even though they are serpentine, they are amphibious like frogs or salamanders/

    In their woged state their neck elongates and their features take on a half reptilian look and their hands become webbed.

    A race of Cheetah-like feline Wesen, they are known for their cat-like reflexes and amazing super-agility.

    They tend to be extremely devious and crafty, and often quick-witted.

    In woged state they grow fur with a spotted pattern on their hands and feet and their fingernails grow longer and sharper until they resemble claws, the shape of their …

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  • Monstermaster13

    Newer Wesens.

    January 9, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    A race of extremely intelligent donkey-like Wesel, they are very intelligent and are often classed as philosphers, scientists, or inventors.

    Despite the fact they're often viewed as foolhardy and idiotic, they actually are the geniuses of the Wesen word.

    In woged state they have hoof-like hands and their ears grew slightly longer, and they develop a half donkey-like muzzle.

    A race of cockroach-like Wesen that are very skilled in the art of survival, often classed as soldiers or even veterinarians.

    Despite the fact they are often viewed as nothing more than pests and annoyances, they are actually quite helpful.

    In woged state they develop additional arms and their skin hardens as their eyes turn black.

    A race of hipp…

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  • Gaarmyvet

    Grimm Web Series?

    January 8, 2013 by Gaarmyvet

    News from the world of "How do we keep the viewers happy?":

    Grimm Web Series

    Depending on what we see, we may have to discuss including this product in our wiki.

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  • ShaggyMan

    Have you ever heard the story of St. Christopher?  He was born of a race of vicious, dog-headed people who converted to Christianity and was martyred.  No, I'm not joking,  here's an excerpt from The Passion of St. Christopher (translated from 15th century manuscripts):

    There was a persecution of Christians in time of the emperor Decius, and the holy man Christopher was taken and tortured like the others. Christopher was exceedingly wise, and had observed that the Lord assisted those of the heathen who believed just as much as he assisted Christians. Now this Christopher was one of the Dogheads, a race that had the heads of dogs and ate human flesh. He meditated much on God, but at that time he could speak only the language of the Dogheads.  W…

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  • SergeantPepper909

    My Wesen

    January 6, 2013 by SergeantPepper909

    Giftenspitzmaus (German for “poison shrew”)

    A shrew-like wesen. When woged, the giftenspitzmaus develops a rather long and pointed nose and extremely small black eyes, resulting in poor vision. Yet its acute hearing and incredibly accurate sense of smell make up for its near-blindness. It becomes covered in soft, grayish-brown fur. It also develops immensely sharp, spiked teeth. The bite of a giftenspitzmaus is venomous and there is practically no hope for victims of this bite. The venom of this wesen kills slowly, yet painfully. Giftenspitzmäuse usually keep to themselves unless they are provoked or threatened. They are also extremely territorial and possessive.

    Stachelrochen (German for “stingray”)

    A stingray-like wesen.   When woged, the top…

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  • SheldonCooperWannabe


    January 6, 2013 by SheldonCooperWannabe

    I have a challenge for one person who chooses to accept. I want that person to come up with scientific names for the wesen that we already know what they look like. This includes all the wesen we have seen in person and the ones we have seen in the books ( i.e. Mordstier, Rissfleisch). This excludes  wesen such as the Waschbar, Rotznasig Carcuju, or the Waage. I am intereted to see what you come up with!

    It is now time to list the official scientific names for the following wesen. Some of them are your direct descisions and some of them I adapted from your descisions. You all did an amazing job and I am excited by your love of binomial nomenclature! I also incourage you to make scientific names for your own wesen. These are the official sci…

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  • Monstermaster13


    January 2, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    A race of fearsome but loyal gargoyle-like Wesen, much like the rhino-like Dickfellig, these guys are fighters.

    When woged they have curved horns, wings, brow ridges, fangs and claws as well as red or yellow eyes.

    The Beutelbar are a group of koala-like Wesen that are skittish and shy but are generally shown to be quite intelligent and kind despite their rather curmudgeonly nature.

    They are skilled climbers and can use their claws for combat as well as climbing trees. When woged they have koala-like ears and a black nose as well as white fur around their lower jaw and on their chin, their hands also have fur and extra thumbs.

    A race of skunk-like Wesen, they tend to be on the sensitive side and tend to be aggre…

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  • Monstermaster13


    January 2, 2013 by Monstermaster13


    A race of elephant-like Wesen that are large in size but quite kind-natured despite their imtimidating size and bulk.

    They are remarkably strong and are also very intelligent even though most of the time they are percieved as being brutish.

    Both females and males have a very powerful memory and remember just about anything that goes on,  like the old saying goes..."An elephant never forgets".

    In woged state they bulk up quite a bit and their ears grow larger and more elephant-like as tusks protude out of their lip,  and they develop bumpy grey skin and a semi trunk-like nose.

    Most of these types do not tend to be vicious,   but if someone they love dearly is hurt in anyway they will fiercely defend that person no matter what the cost…

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  • Monstermaster13

    New Wesens

    January 2, 2013 by Monstermaster13

    A race of ghoul-like Wesen with vampiric qualities, they feed off the fear of their victims like how most normal vampires feed off blood.

    They tend to be shady and untrustworthy because of their fearsome nature and reputation for being terrifying. They are extraordinarily strong and agile as well as highly intellectual.

    When woged they get pale skin, and their eyes turn red and become sunken and their cheekbones become more pronounced and also get a vampiric brow in place of eyebrows and their teeth sharpen, as well as sporting clawed fingernails and semi pointed ears.

    Famous examples of befurchten including Christopher Lee, William Dafoe, Chris Sarandon, Christina Ricci and the late Vincent Price.

    They tend to be suave millionaire …

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  • Monstermaster13

    My Wesen Creations

    December 28, 2012 by Monstermaster13

    Krahenfeder are a race of crow-like Wesen that are very mysterious and shady, but are skilled in the dark arts. They are amazingly agile and are able to fly, they can also mimic any sounds that other Wesen use.

    Often viewed as being evil or creepy when they're actually quite sweet and friendly.

    In woged state they have feather-like coating on their arms as well as wings coming out of their back and bird-like hands and feet with talons, dark circles appear around their eyes and they have a half beak-like nose.

    The Riechenfisch are a race of fish-like Wesen that are very secretive but very energetic and athletic.

    They are skilled swimmers and have a natural odor that is used to repell more predatorial Wesen away.

    In woged…

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  • SheldonCooperWannabe

    This page is dedicated to descriptions of wesen that I have encountered in my own travels. The wesen community is large and varied, hope you enjoy!

    Elefantenrussel (Ger. elephant trunk, umlaut over the "u")

    These elephant-like wesen are known for being kind and loving. Like Dickfellig, there are not fearful of Grimms, but somewhat weary of them. Females are as harmless as Genio Innocuo, but the males can be easily provoked and when they are, they can become extremely brutal and dangerous. They love to be around people and have happy, close-knit families. They often work as nurses or caretakers. They have great memories, often photographic or idedic. In their society, births and deaths are extremely big events and are greatly celebrated or mo…

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  • TheBalamBeast


    December 24, 2012 by TheBalamBeast


    Grimm is amazing and due to the animals and creatures in it I had to put them in my book, I love writing.

    I dont believe in Wesen's but if they were real and I had to pick which Wesen I was I'd totally pick Balam, probably because they are the most beautiful Wesen's ever!

    I Love This Episode!

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  • Monstermaster13

    My Own Wesen

    December 23, 2012 by Monstermaster13

    A race of fearsome but loyal gargoyle-like Wesen,  who tend to be either fighters or boyguards,  they are very protective of their loved ones.

    When woged they have curved horns, wings, brow ridges, fangs and claws as well as red or yellow eyes,  and they are remarkably strong and agile,  as well as being able to go into a "stone state"  which will protect their skin from unwanted rays of sunlight.

    The Beutelbar are a group of koala-like Wesen that are skittish and shy but are generally shown to be quite intelligent and kind despite their rather curmudgeonly nature.

    They are skilled climbers and can use their claws for combat as well as climbing trees. When woged they have koala-like ears and a black nose as well as whit…

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  • Redwall64

    Official photos

    December 16, 2012 by Redwall64

    I have a question.. about the portraits used on the character pages.. 

    Was it a decision not to use the official, promotional photos for the characters, or has nobody just tried? Just curious :D

    P.S. The photos I speak of are these:

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  • MsMonroe

    About me

    December 16, 2012 by MsMonroe

    Hi I'm Holly, and I just got an account on this website so I don't really know what to do..

    My favourite character is Monroe because he is so funny and knowledgable, and a great help to Nick.

    My favourite Wesen are the Blutbad and Fuchsbau- and if I could be any Wesen I'd be a Wieder Blutbad because I think Monroe's lifestyle is really great :)

    I really liked the Pilot episode and Lonelyhearts (especially the part when Monroe nearly buys the Ziegevolk a drink).

    Grimm is such a great show!

    I can't wait to see what happens next. 

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