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  • MichaelMay24

    Will Nick and crew be the fugitives or will it be Renard?

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  • MichaelMay24

    Do you think things will turn out good for Nick and the gang, or not?

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  • XD1
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  • Darth-Mynockk

    Has anyone else noticed that when Bonaparte woges he looks EERILY like Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie??

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  • Darth-Mynockk

    Been reading alot of posts that refer to the stick Nick and Monroe recovered in Germany is part of the shaft of the Spear of Destiny or a branch from the Tree of Life. while certainly both ideas are plausable..... I present a different take:

    Numerous references to Grimms and Knights Templar are used in the show. Relics the Templars were known to have possessed is the Holy Grail, and oh yeah........  A PIECE OF THE TRUE CROSS!!

    Think about it: they say it looks like it broke off of something, right? and one of it's long edges appears to be squared off at an almost perfect 90` angle.  If it was part of the spear it would be rounded off. Same for the Tree Of Life. 

    What do YOU guys think?

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  • Voltron The Robot King

    Hey guys, I decided to make a blog post about my theories for a Grimm video game. I know there's already one, Dark Legacy, but I had a few ideas I wanted to suggest. For those of you who have played ANY Elder Scrolls game, then some of these suggestions might just sound familiar. First, I wanted to start with character creation.
    Section 1: Character Creation:
    First step of character creation, you select whether you want to be a Grimm, a human, or a Wesen. Second step (if you chose Wesen) you pick your Wesen race and then gender. If you picked human or Grimm, you skip the Wesen race selection and just go on to gender. From then, you complete the rest of character creation.
    Section 2: Quests:
    First mission is when you arrive at Portland. You mak…

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  • Grimmaniac

    * * * * * *

    Thank YOU, Norberto Barba. For those who did not know, Norberto Barba disclosed on Twitter (April 7, 2016) that he will not be back next season on Grimm, but really thinking about it a bit, I don't think that's entirely true.

    Even though I've never met or spoken with him, if you listen to what those who have worked with Norberto have to say about him, he's nothing but a true professional, incredibly generous, and definitely loved in particular by the Grimm family that has been built over the past five seasons. Check out some pictures of Norberto with the cast of other shows that he's worked on, such as Law & Order, and you'll see that he has a knack for forming great relationships with those he works with. As his tweet today surely i…

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  • Alibek73

    fanmade wesens

    March 12, 2016 by Alibek73

    hello! i like wesens and i like grimm. because that i make something like grimm diary. and my works are in that link . i know that my english is not perfect but i like do that. sorry i'm not a perfect painter too))

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  • Yaguaraté

    I hope this hasn't been made into a blog yet, but I'd like to share what I think might go down in Grimm Season 5 based on what I've seen of the first 10 episodes of the season.

    DISCLAIMER: This isn't a spoiler discussion; it's only my thoughts/premonitions on the show that may or may not transpire. The below points contain subjective opinions on my part which other readers may or may not agree with.

    1. The Grimm Keys may reveal the last resting place of the Knights Templar of the Crusades (i.e. some of the first Grimms) along with Grimm artifacts that were used by the Knights. I can't help but feel a Da Vinci Code-esque vibe to them.

    2. Meisner may know more about the funds of Hadrian's Wall than he's letting on. In fact, I believe he and thi…

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  • PolarBearMan


    February 8, 2016 by PolarBearMan

    Okay, So recently I was thinking about Human evoloution, And then after I was thinking about it I watched Grimm, I then started to wonder how Wesen became a thing. Here is my theory

    Just like homo-sapiens and Neanderthal sharing a common ancestor but spliting into two different species, I think Wesen were all at one point animals, However they somehow started evolving into hominid form, Walking on two legs ect, And they were constantly woged. 

    Now lets go to the Wesen wars, Wesen wared with Humans so they don't have to hide their Animal form, However they loose the wars and are cursed, They get a curse put on them trapping them into human bodies, And they can't reveal their animal selves without pain.

    That would also explain Black Claw wantin…

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  • Jiskran

    In the eyes of a Grimm

    January 28, 2016 by Jiskran

    "Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird. Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein." - Jenseits von Gut und Böse: Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    This quote, usually rendered as "Wrestle not with monsters, lest a monster ye become. And if you gaze into the Abyss, know also the Abyss gazes into you." in English, seems to me to encapsulate the Grimm-Wesen dyad, the impact of the Wesen darkening the Grimm's worldview with monsters and the Grimm's eyes of bottomless, swallowing darkness which enfolds the Wesen. It was just an idle thought, but one I felt the urge to share. :)

    NB As the German 'Ungeheuer' shares conceptual links wit…

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  • Wildesheer


    January 17, 2016 by Wildesheer

    Will Diana return and see Adalind again? When Kelly gets older, will he and Diana face off?

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  • Lilabet

    Going off book?

    January 14, 2016 by Lilabet

    I am writing a fanfic action/romance for my favourite man, Cpt Renard.  Would anybody read fanfic with not only a new character but a new Wessen?  I want to create a seductress who uses her powers for good.  Renard falls for her with a great big thunk reversing the norm where woman throw themselves at him.  He's going to be desperate but she's going to  be tough want g a man who wants her  for her and not because of her  Wessen power.  She'll be a Zaurberin .

    I need feedback please?

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  • Lilabet

    Greetings & Hellutionations

    January 13, 2016 by Lilabet


    I'm new here.  Love the show, and as much as I like Nick, I'm a huge fan of Sean Canadian bias ;-p.  I am a frustrated writer and years ago I wrote fanfic for Stargate SG1.  Now I'm going to give Grimm my spin.

    I hope it's okay if I use this site for research and meeting new people.  I searched the net & this is by far the best set up & most informative out there.  

    I guess that's it for now.  I am not so patiently waiting for the return of the show, so any info on when it will be back would be appreciated!

    I wrote under the pen name Hatchepsut if anyone is interested.

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  • JohnnyDragin

    My favorite editor

    January 5, 2016 by JohnnyDragin

    Hey, I'd like to say that my favorite editor on this sight is probably Grimmaniac, he seems to help a lot and I hope that I can help him sometime if he needs it, I've got time. Thanks

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  • PolarBearMan

    The Wesen Games

    December 20, 2015 by PolarBearMan

    this blog page is gonna be abit like Deadliest warrior, Ill match up different wesen and their abilitys to see who is... The deadliest Wesen!

    The fight started when the Wildermann Woged and taunted the Glühenvolk, The Glühenvolk woged and charged the Wildermann with incredibly speed, He hit the Wildermann in the lower abdomen, The Wildermann was shocked and even thrown back a little bit, But he obviously wasnt hurt, The Wildermann grabbed the Gluhenvolk and threw him on the ground, The Wildermann got on his knees over the Gluhenvolk and was apart to start punching the Gluhenvolk, But the fight was ended quickly when the Gluhenvolk tore the wildermanns throaght out and started eating it.

    WINNER: Glühenvolk!

    reason why he won. I think a Gluhenv…

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  • Jujumagia

    Funniest Moments on Grimm

    December 16, 2015 by Jujumagia

    I hope there hasn't been a blog post with a similar title/subject.

    Just wanted everyone's take on the funniest moments in Grimm that they can recall.

    I don't mean running gags like:

    1. Sarcastic Wu

    2. Worrywart Bud

    I mean specific scenes you can remember that made you really laugh out loud (if these are specific Wu/Bud/etc. scenes, please list them!).

    For me personally, the one scene that made me laugh very hard was during the first episode of season 3 (The Ungrateful Dead) where Nick approaches a bar all zombie like (with a distinct swagger). His head moves and we see the name of the bar (The Tippy Canoe). Very silly, I know, but I had to pause the episode due to laughing so hard. What can I say? I laugh easy :D


    Please don't throw anyth…

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  • Wildesheer


    December 3, 2015 by Wildesheer

    Some would think that because of Meisner's fighting skills, he may be a Grimm. If he was a Grimm, then the Resistance would not be impressed at Renard's speech on having a Grimm working for him.Twelve Days of Krampus

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  • Lurkenfrau

    Is Diana...Cursed?

    November 19, 2015 by Lurkenfrau

    Okay, let's review...

    • Kelly had her for a while...she's dead.
    • Kenneth & Juliette had her for a little while...they're dead.
    • The King had her...he's dead.

    So this made me wonder if there is some sort of 'curse' connected to Diana.

    The old folk tales & fairy tales sometimes had a Gypsy Curse that was featured in the story.
    This show had a Gypsy Queen, Stefania, whom Adalind sold Diana to in exchange for getting her Hexenbiest powers back.

    Stefania kept her side of the bargain...but Adalind did not.
    Betraying a Gypsy was often what led to a Gypsy Curse being cast upon the betrayer...and often that curse was on the entire family line of that betrayer.

    But what about Adalind and Meisner? -- You might ask. Heh.
    I thought about them too.

    Adalind might be o…

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  • Lurkenfrau

    If you've watched Grimm since the beginning, then you may have noticed...and been frustrated by...characters or story elements that appear and then are gone, and rarely mentioned again.
    The Keys, the Coins, are two of these story elements.
    Then there are characters like Elizabeth and Diana, who appeared and then disappeared.

    They may come back, or we may never see them again.

    It occurred to me that this is like the storytelling that we see in old folk tales and fairy tales.
    In those, there are elements and characters that appear simply to further the Main Story...then they are gone.
    We don't question this because it is a stand-alone story.

    In a TV Show, we've come to expect a different way of presenting a story though.
    Most of the time, a TV Show i…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Silence is Deafening

    October 31, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    The lack of comments after the airing of the first episode of Season 5 has me worried. Has the Grimm audience disappeared? Are they in shock not knowing what to think?

    There is no great criticism. But there is no great enthusiasm. My husband's attitude was sort of neutral. I suggested it was a very unfocused episode where Nick ran in circles reacting to emotions inside of him but having no clear purpose or plan. He was ready to agree with me. Usually he argues points with me but this time he readily agreed the episode was disappointing in some vague way. 

    All the other websites I follow are quiet too. There was more enthusiasm before the episode aired than there seems to be tonight.  If it was bad, then certainly there would be many comments…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German linguists, cultural researchers and academics at a time when their native Electorate of Hesse was occupied by Napoleon's troops from 1806 to 1813.  Since the French ran the government, French language and culture was promoted by the occupiers over German native language and culture. 

    The Household Tales of the Brother's Grimm, published in 1812, became immediately popular with other German academics as a sort of intellectual resistance to the occupying French.  In that regard the Grimm fairy tales are connected closely with tyranny (as Germans saw it) of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

    NBC's Grimm has quoted Ferdinand Foch's non fiction work on the Napoleonic Wars in the episode Face Off.Bonaparte's Victory over the …

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Meisner and Juliette

    October 18, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    How did Meisner know Diana was in danger and specifically where to highjack that helicopter the King was going to use? There had to be a spy in King Frederick's household for that information to get out. Who was the spy?

    The closest ally to Meisner has been Renard.  Renard sent Meisner to watch over Diana before the night she was born.  If he knew King Frederick, like no one else knows his own father, was planning to take Diana would Renard ask Meisner to save her again from the royals?

    Who does Renard know inside King Frederick's household? Juliette was staying at Renard's house. Renard had taken her in when Nick had rejected her.  Would Juliette protect Diana for Renard's sake?  Would Juliette tell Renard what his father's plans were?

    In al…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    What is the key?

    October 15, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    From Ghost Busters 1984:

    Louis: (possessed by Vinz Clortho)  I am The Keymaster!

    Dana Barrett (possessed by Zuul) I am The Gatekeeper!

    Who is the Keymaster in Grimm and who is the Gatekeeper?

    From Peter Pan and Wendy:

    "The way Mr. Darling won her was this: the many gentlemen who had been boys when she was a girl disvcovered simultaneously that they  loved her, and all ran to her house to propose to her except Mr. Darling, who took a cab and nipped in first, and so he got her.  He got all of her, except the innermost box and the kiss.  He never knew about the box, and in time he gave up trying for the kiss. Wendy thought Napoleon could have got it, but I can picture him trying, and then going off in a passion, slamming the door."

    Keys unlock boxe…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Nick's Bedroom

    October 12, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    Why did Adalind have to "drink her mother?" Grimm's storylines seem to have been taken from the  events of a historical princess instead of a fairytale one this time. Maybe this is from some biographical work that hasn't been quoted yet but the drinking her mother is too close to what 19 year old Marie Louise had to do in 1810, around the time of the Grimm Brothers. 

    They have already quoted Voltaire and Ferdinand Foch. Why not some biography of Napoleon and his women?

    The Hapsburg princess Marie Louise was forced to marry the most hated monster in European royal circles, Napoleon Bonaparte.  The French had executed the last French queen they had, Marie Louise's own aunt. Why would she feel safe becoming the next Empress? 

    Like Adalind and Ni…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Hank, Judge Patterson, Mary Robinson and Vince Chilton are "being stalked" by Oleg Stark, an escaped convict. In this retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, Nick is the ogre of the fairytale. Oleg Stark plays the role of Jack. And Monroe is Jack's mother who "gives him the ax" = gets fired = firing the elephant gun. You can read more puns from the Game Ogre episode here

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Where is the apple?

    October 8, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    When Adalind, disguised as Juliette, comes down the stairs from "seducing" Nick she meets Trubel at the bottom.  Trubel is eating an apple.  An apple is a symbol for "forbidden fruit".  Is this a clue that we have just watched the witch's temptation of Snow White with the juicy red apple?

    For clues/symbols for Sleeping Beauty in the Woods, Briar Rose, and Snow White found in the episodes of Grimm, read here:

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    In Face Off the quote is from Ferdinand Foch who wrote Principles of War which describes Napoleon Bonaparte's tacitcs.  The Season of the Hexenbiest and Face Off episodes are uncanny reenactments of Bonaparte's first victory the Montenotte Campaign.  

    NIck is Napoleon

    Adalind is the Austrian General Bealieu

    Sean Renard is the Italian General Coli-Machi

    The details are even down to Napoleon's commanders.  Hank is jumped first by Hundjagers just as Cervoni and his French troops were fired on first by the Austrians.

    Monroe like Rapon issues the battle cry of the campaign.

    Massena forced marched his troops to battle just as Rosalee arrives back after an all night ride by bus and says they all have to go first to the spice shop and get to work.


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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Where are the keys?

    October 6, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    The last time I saw them Rosalee had them and now I am not too sure. 

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Did my heart love ‘til now? Forswear in sight!
    For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.

    Can I just say that you look beautiful  -  Monroe in "Over My Dead Body"

    Well you look beautiful too – Rosalee

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    The schizophrenic

    October 4, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    Idea for a TV series: A type of Wesen who works for animal control but is schizophrenic so that he sees all the animals he captures as having human characteristic. Sort of a reverse of Grimm's seeing Wesen. 

    Maybe he had a German shepard as a kid and he loved him to pieces. Now he has a  black Newfoundlander probably a bitch who has been bred 4 times. She likes alcohol but they have to keep it away from her or she tears up his daughter's clothes.  And the guy talks to Napoleon. Got possiblities.

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    I've added a review of the episode Bee Ware to my blog.  The fairytale similiarites between Queen Bee by Bros. Grimm and Nick and Adalind.

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Rosalee is Romeo

    October 2, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    In Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet , Romeo talks less than Juliet but he is more accertive. He kisses Juliet first.

    In Grimm, Monroe wants to kiss Rosalee but instead just talks.  Rosalee takes the initative and kisses Monroe first.

    b) Romeo doesn't travel much but he travels more than Juliet does. Juliet is a homebody.

    b) Rosalee moved to Portland after her brother died.  Monroe is the homebody who we usually see in his house.

    c) Romeo travels to Mantua and Juliet pines away for him while he's gone.

    c) Rosalee goes to visit her aunt, and Monroe stays in the spice shop, talks to Renard about how much he misses Rosalee

    d) Romeo always goes to Juliet's house to visit her and sleeps there on their wedding night.

    d) Rosalee comes over to Monroe's h…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Juliette's Pregnancy

    October 1, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    Was Juliette pregnant when Nick told Trubel to shot to kill?  Is Rosalee the only one who knows Nick is reponsbile for his baby's death?

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    The Vulgar

    September 29, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    I choose that a story should be founded on probablity, and not always resemble a dream.  I desire to find nothing in it trival or extravagant; and I desire above all that, under the appearance of fable there may appear some latent truth, obvious to the discerning eye, though it escape the observation of the vulgar. - Voltaire

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Snow White

    September 28, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    Has there been any discussion of the Snow White story running in the background of Grimm.  I'm still not sure what "person" slept with Nick that last time and gave him back his Grimm powers.  

    Nick = Snow White

    Renard = the evil Queen/stepmother

    Monroe = Huntsman

    7 dwarves = Hap, Rosalee, Juliette, Bart, Alice, Gloria and Detta

    old peddlar woman = Adelind

    the prince = Elizabeth Lascellmas

    I've presented my case here Snow White Grimm Style

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  • PolarBearMan

    Blake's Grimm Diary

    September 25, 2015 by PolarBearMan

    this blog is me documenting wesen as if i was a grimm.


    Im in scotland with the rest of the kings army and we are going to put theese jacobite scots to rest. This is an encounter i had with a Jacobite Wesen. This wesen i first assumed was an Eisbieber, but it bit me. This is what happemd

    I smashed into a home of a family for fun and i saw a man, A child about 13 years old and a woman whom i assume was the wife and mother. I noticed the man in a plaid and had a sword and shield, i ran over to his wife and pushed my pistol to her head while my arm was around her neck. I told the man to place his sword down but he resisted, as i was about to shoot his wife she woged and bit into my arm! Luckily i shot her before it got to…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Hamlet has been quoted twice and always in a season finale. I feel as if it is the backbone fairy tale of the series. The other stories provide detail and character information but the main dramatic thrust of  the main characters can be found in Hamlet.

    Everything begins in Pilot including the ghost of Reed Burkhardt.

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    The episode You Don't Know Jack follows the story arc of Robert Lewis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Like Jack the Ripper, btw,  Dr. Jekyll was left handed. 

    Dr. Henry Jekyll = Sean Renard

    Mr. Edward Hyde = Jack 

    Mr. Gabriel Utterson = Nick Burkhardt

    Mr. Richard Enfield = Hank Griffin

    Dr. Lanyon = Monroe   (The potion Dr. Lanyon gave Dr. Jekyll was green like the potion Monroe handed Renard)

    Poole the Butler = Drew Wu

    Little girl trampled by Hyde = Mary Ann Casey

    Girl's blackmailing family = Heidi McDunnah killed because she spoke to the police

    Sir Danvers Carew (the murder that sent the police on Dr. Jekyll's trail) = Henrietta

    Quote from the book:

    Mr. Hyde....spoke with a husky, whispering and somewhat broken voice.

    Dr. Jekyll's written confess…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    The Grimm Kiss

    September 22, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    If i follow the text of Hamlet Nick has been mortally wounded by Adelind already. He just doesn't realize it yet.  Hamlet has been running in the background of the episodes since Kelly Burkhardt appeared in Woman in Black.  We are now at the last scene since Juliette who is Queen Gertrude is dead.

    Since Hamlet dies in the end, i expect Nick will go through some agonizing death-like scene that may last a long time. It takes forever for Hamlet to die on stage.   

    I think Nick will be "wounded in the heart" over his loss of Juliette just as Hamlet was torn apart by Gertrude's death. Hamlet then lashes out at Claudius first after Gertrude's death.  So Renard (Claudius) is probably going to get pummeled by Nick over Juliette. Nick will not accept…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Adelind's Crimes

    September 20, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    Should Adelind be redeamable? Can she be a fit mother if she has been a biest? Was it right to take Diana from her mother? Would it be right for Nick to fight Adelind for custody of Nick's son?

    I've been thinking about the new season and how everything has changed direction now.  Juliette is dead. Kelly is dead. But Nick still has family, his soon to be born son. Should Nick forgive Adelind for her past crimes?

    Adelind crimes:

    Attempting to murder Aunt Marie........however with a suringe full of spider venom which when injected by mistake in Nick knocked him out but did not kill him. (Pilot)

    Attempting to screw Hank to death.....but she only left him asleep in the bed. Nick, Monroe and Rosalee had time to give him an antidote.

    Poisoning Drew Wu…

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Monroe's Graduate Degree

    September 20, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    In the Three Bad Wolves Monroe hands Hap a sweatshirt to wear with the name of Brown University. Hap says he didn't know Monroe went to Brown. Monroe says he did for graduate school. What subject is it likely Monroe majored in? I have the feeling that if you read and study every fairy tale and literary source quoted in the episodes of Grimm you would eventually have the education equivalent to a graduate degree in liberal arts. 

    Any way the sources for the quotes in season 4 are getting much more academic than the fairy tales we started with in Season one.

    Grimm has deeper layers than most series. Just a thought.

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  • HowtobeaGrimm

    Deja Vu

    September 19, 2015 by HowtobeaGrimm

    While waiting for season 5 to start I have been entertained by watching the reruns of the first 3 seasons on TNT. It's amazing to watch those episodes again because we know so much now.  

    In the first episode Aunt Marie tells Nick he can never see Juliette again.  She didn't really say Nick had to leave her just that he would never see her again. And after all the drama of losing Juliette, gaining Juliette, losing Nick, etc. it turns out in Cry Havoc that Juliette is killed by Trubel.  Aunt Marie's prophecy has come to pass after all but in a way we never saw coming.

    You just can't trust anything on this show. People shift identities, personalities, loyalties. Who is who and who is on whose side? I could watch this series for the next 20 yea…

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  • PolarBearMan

    What Wesen Are You?

    August 10, 2015 by PolarBearMan

    I would be a Jagerbar, As much as I hate the whole Roh Hatz thing I see my whole family being Jagerbar and some ancestors were brutal people ya know a wee bit of the stabby stabby in the medieval times and alot of the cutty cutty in the Iron age....

    I designed a wesen based of me and my family with a few twists, Called the Beir, Just a Eurasian Brown Bear Wesen with mainly behaviour of a bear (Because alot of their behaviour is genuinly like mine) and stuff about me and family that are not like bears (or not common in bears) look here (CLICK TO SEE ALL 50+ WESEN I CREATED)

    I am also slightly Owl like with my nocturnal life and the ability to see mice along way away (Still can't belive I saw it), But the Beir is designed of me so I would be t…

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  • PolarBearMan

    Blakes Wesen

    August 9, 2015 by PolarBearMan

    A blog of Wesen created by me, Some I created, Some are already existing ones I edited and I have some wesen societys/ orginizations that I came up with!

    (Note some are incomplete so sorry about that, Also majority of them have bad spelling because I usualy make these wesen then I am bored so I don't pay any attention to spelling, And plus its a dey intornet sow dunt conplane maty!)

    (Dutch. Holen= Cave =beer=bear) is a cave bear like wesen.

    Holenbeer are a very rare, Large cave bear like wesen that are extinct

    (latin. (Bos= Ox (cattle))(Primigenius= primative) is a cattle like wesen their nickname is Rinderhorn (cattle horn)

    they resemble Aurochs cattle, big horns, muscles and hoof like feet and hands. Some have red fur some have black. They ha…

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  • Rafe Adler

    With a Loch Ness Monster Wesen confirmed for season 5 there are still many that can appear. What kind of wesen do you think we will see.

    I think they in some way might do a deer wesen. Possibly a shark one would be awesome.

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  • Grimmaniac
    A Few Thoughts on Cry Havoc

    As I mentioned in the Grimm Survivor #1 - Season 4 Episodes thread, I wanted to share my thoughts about an episode that I personally regard as one of the best––and probably, one of the most important––in the show to date. There's a lot of great episodes that have come along over the course of the 4 Seasons of Grimm so far, and while some may debate how good really was, it's tough to argue that at the very least, the Season 4 finale will surely go down one of the most memorable episodes in the show's history.

    * * * *

    The finale picked up right from the emotional ending of (a very important episode in its own right), an ending still so painful to rehash that I'll just say I shut the TV off once the credits started …

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  • PDXBlazer

    Fall TV: James Frain on Eric Renard’s “Grimm” Fate

    "Will “Grimm” viewers be saying “Goodnight, Sweet Royal” to Captain Renard’s half-brother Eric?

    During season two of NBC’s “Grimm,” viewers got to know a lot more about Nick Burkhardt‘s boss Captain Sean Renard, including his connection to the Seven Royal Houses that covertly monitor the Wesen world. One of the most significant revelations was that Renard has a Royal half-brother, Eric, played by James Frain. The cultured, ruthless Eric appeared in six episodes and played a key role in getting Nick out of the way at the end of the cliffhanger finale episode.

    But during a conversation with Frain on Friday, the actor — who is currently playing Lord Warwick in Starz’s “The White Queen” –says tha…

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  • Bob the Wikipedian

    Grimm Dictionary

    September 21, 2013 by Bob the Wikipedian

    I just wanted to take a moment to highlight a book written by real life Grimms (Jacob and Wilhelm, that is!). The Grimm Brothers, as most of us know, were linguists, but the dictionary they compiled is not as popular as their fairy tales.

    Here is an electronic copy of the Grimm dictionary:

    If you don't know German, it's probably not worth much to you. However, for scholars of the German language, this is a priceless resource, probably the ultimate compendium of the history of the German language. It contains words that were contemporary in the Grimm Brothers' time, as well as archaic words. Not only that, it explores the history of each word's definition, so it makes for quite an interesting study.

    I've found it he…

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    What is this wesen

    September 12, 2013 by Bruce td

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