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Boris Myshkin



Actor: Mark Ivanir
Gender: Male
Type: Koschie
Relationships: Handcuff Olga Myshkin, wife
Larissa Komarov, temporary lover
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Self-sacrifice for Larissa Komarov
TV Show: "Red Menace"

Boris Myshkin was a Koschie and the husband of Olga Myshkin who appeared in "Red Menace".


"Red Menace"Edit

In his home, Boris stands over a Russian girl who tells him she is in immense pain. His eyes glow green, and his hands woge to show green veins and translucent skin. After a few seconds of holding his hands on her head, he stumbles backwards into a chair in obvious discomfort. His wife, Olga rushes off to get him tea, while he asks how the girl is feeling. She says she is still in pain, but he promises that in hours, maybe days, the pain will be gone. He also declines payment, claiming that her living a long happy life is payment enough.

At a Russian party, Boris is introduced to the crowd by Dmitri. He seems to be renowned and well-loved, having saved many lives, and the people at the party toast to him. He gives a speech in broken English, before excusing himself from the table. He stumbles into a storage room, seemingly in discomfort, and is suddenly attacked from behind by Alex Renko, who is dressed as one of the waiters. They struggle for a while, and Boris is cut in the shoulder before he woges into a Koschie with luminescent skin and radioactive green veins visible all over his body. He grabs Renko's wrists, throwing him out the window. Renko staggers away, before rolling up his sleeves and revealing an angry red rash on his wrists where Boris grabbed him.

Later, Nick, Hank and Renard go to Boris' house. Renard warns them that Russian healers are revered, but the duo laughs it off and knock on the door. They walk into a room to see Boris healing a boy whose wound "won't heal" according to the boy's father. Nick sees Boris' hands pulse with green veins and his eyes glow green. Boris suddenly jumps, and collapses backwards into a chair, to his wife's alarm. The team looks on in disbelief as the boy unwraps his bandages and his wound swiftly heals. They approach the exhausted Boris and ask him about the restaurant murder. Boris says that a man attacked him and he fought back. He didn't know the attacker, but he spoke Russian too. Many men hated him enough to kill, given his sketchy line of work, and Renard offers to leave a patrol unit outside.

Boris is later brougt to the precinct for an interrogation by Nick, Hank, and Renard. They reveal what they know, and he woges upon hearing Nick's remark that he saw him heal the boy. Boris begins coughing, and woges back into his human form, understanding what Nick is. He confesses to attacking Renko, but only because he had no choice. Renard reveals that Renko has an accomplice, but Boris is accepting of his death, saying that each time he heals, he dies a little more. Renard suggests he leave the country, and Boris agrees, but scoffs at the idea of being free.

Boris is released. Once he is home, he tells Olga about everything and she reveals that she isn't sure if she still cares about him. Larissa enters, and Boris asks for vodka. Olga smiles and shoves a bottle into the maid's hand. After she leaves, Boris and Larissa flirt, and run off to "make a scandal," but not before Boris grabs the bottle of vodka. They scamper up the stairs playfully, as Boris takes a swig of the vodka. His wife watches from downstairs, and her eyes glow yellow. Upstairs, Boris and Larissa roll about the bed and Boris messily finishes the vodka that Larissa convinces him to drink. He starts wheezing but recovers and proceeds to make out with her. She pushes him off, wondering furiously why he doesn't die. Drunk, Boris doesn't understand until she snarls that he killed her father and brother, Alex Renko. Boris looks up in horror before rolling off the bed and wheezing. Larissa declares that she poisoned him and asks why won't you die? He realizes who she is after she tells him when her father died. He begs for her forgiveness and tells her he isn't the same person as he was then, as she reaches behind her and grabs a pair of scissors.

Nick, Hank and Renard rush into the house, and Olga tells them that Boris is upstairs in their bedroom with Larissa just as Larissa stumbles out, followed by Boris, who has the scissors in his chest. Larissa stumbles down the stairs into Olga, who woges and slits her throat with her Malin Fatal tusks. Renard tries to save the heaving Larissa by stopping the bleeding, but Myshkin staggers over and tells him to move. Olga cries that it'll kill him, but he heals Larissa anyway. He collapses at Olga's feet muttering a few words before he dies.


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