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Brian Steele
Brian Steele
Character: Volcanalis
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Brian Steele is an American actor who is well known for commonly playing monsters and creatures on television and in films.

On television, Steele played the Bigfoot called Harry in the series Harry and the Hendersons before moving on to play creatures in theatrical motion pictures, with roles like Mr. Wink in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army wearing over 130 pounds of makeup. Steele has portrayed Drake Beast in Blade: Trinity, Sammael in Hellboy, Lycan werewolves in Underworld and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, William Corvinus in Underworld: Evolution, T-600 in Terminator Salvation, Berzerker Predator in Predators, and a Bigfoot in Eduardo Sánchez horror-thriller film Exists.

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