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This article covers a fictional perspective on real people, events, places, and otherwise. Across this website, any resemblance of the topics covered to real people, events, places, or otherwise is used as a literary element and should not be taken as fact. For information that pertains to the real legend events, see the Wikipedia articles on the Imperial House of Japan and the Yakuza.

Dragon's Tongue
Helm of Awe
Notables Dead Akira Kimura
Seen In "Woman in Black"
"Bad Teeth"
Mentioned "Woman in Black"
"Bad Teeth"
"Over My Dead Body"

The Dragon's Tongue is a secret Wesen organization founded in 1901 with close ties to the non-secret Yakuza in Japan. They may be identifiable by a tattooed symbol, the ægishjálmr, an Ásatrú "helm of awe" representing invincibility. The appear to be the Japanese equivalent to the Verrat and possibly to Seven Royal Houses as well.

Japanese Royal Family with Mia
Mia Gaudot meets with the Japanese imperial family in Kyoto to make an appeal for the Renard family to the Dragon's Tongue.


The Dragon's Tongue has a vested interest in acquiring the Coins of Zakynthos. ("Bad Teeth") Beyond this ambition, nothing else is known about the organization's motives, but Mia Gaudot's meeting with members of the Japanese imperial family suggest that an alliance with the European Royal Houses might be afoot.


During World War II, the Dragon's Tongue ceased its riots and its members enlisted in the Imperial Japanese Army, since their fighting skills were superior. When Japan surrendered to the United States in 1945, the Imperial Japanese Army was disbanded, and the Dragon's Tongue went back into the underground crime business.

Since 1992, the crime organizations have been required to register in Japan, which has led to the resurfacing of the Dragon's Tongue. The last several decades, the Dragon's Tongue has gradually come into higher power and now appears to rule Japan, being affiliated in some fashion with the imperial family.


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