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Mauvais Dentes
Mauvais Dentes
Notables: Dead Marnassier
TV Show: "Bad Teeth"
"The Kiss"

A Mauvais Dentes (MO-vay don; Fr. mauvais "bad" + dents "teeth") is a saber-toothed tiger-like Wesen that is smart, swift and deadly. There aren't many left in the world, but based on the Grimm ancestry, they are vicious killing machines, with the ability to wipe out an entire village single-handedly. They have a reputation for baiting their victims before killing them. When Woged, they develop enormous teeth capable of leaving puncture wounds in their victims up to an inch in diameter. One appeared in "Bad Teeth" and in "The Kiss". It is very similar in appearance to the Rißfleisch (the German name for the Mauvais Dentes has not yet been announced-- they may be the same).

They are incredibly strong creatures, able to causally over power grown men; one was able to kill three men at once, they are about as strong as Grimms, or possibly a bit more, as one was able to hold its own against two Grimms for a short time. They are also highly agile, fast and stealthy, and have razor sharp teeth and claws which they use to kill. When they kill they lacerate their victims, and bite their necks. They are also very durable, one was able to take multipule punches to the head, without reacting.

The Seven Royal Families are the only people powerful enough to send a Mauvais Dentes places.


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