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Notables: Voice on Phone
Gus Pappas
Sheriff Munson
Dead Phyllis Stanton
De Groot
Tough Looking Woman
Customer Four
Bar Guy
Reporter Assassin
Bob Taylor
Gregor Danilov
Masked Man 1
Jessie Acker
TV Show: "Organ Grinder"
"Last Grimm Standing"
"Island of Dreams"
"The Thing With Feathers"
"Big Feet"
"Natural Born Wesen"
"A Dish Best Served Cold"
"Stories We Tell Our Young"
"The Wild Hunt"
"Once We Were Gods"
"The Show Must Go On"
"The Last Fight"
"Dyin' on a Prayer"
Wesen of Unknown Type.


Season 1Edit

"Organ Grinder"Edit

Someone called Captain Renard after he received the Reaper Box and said that Nick Burkhardt had to be controlled.

"Last Grimm Standing"Edit

Gus Pappas is Dimitri Skontos's uncle. Due to the unkown nature of Wesen genetic inheritance it is not know if Dimitri's mother and Gus's sister was a Skalenzahne.

The Priest was a man in a church who was visited by Sean Renard. He killed Leo Taymor by tearing him apart off screen, although inhuman snarls and the screams of Leo Taymor were heard. He is a Wesen of incredible speed or strength, as he was able to overpower a Löwen.

"Island of Dreams"Edit

Some of the patrons of the Trauminsel were in human form, but as the establishment was Wesen only, they are unknown Wesen.

"The Thing With Feathers"Edit

Sheriff Munson was Tim Steinkellner's co-conspiritor in the plot to harvest Robin Steinkellner's Unbezahlbar. He was Tim's cousin, but never woged so it is unknown if he is a Klaustreich or a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen.

"Big Feet"Edit

Reynaldo was a friend of Monroe's, as well as Larry Mackenzie and two other Wildermänner.

Season 2Edit


Phyllis Stanton was a pig farmer and married to Carl Stanton, a Reinigen. She was infected by Fluvus Pestilentia, and therefore she is confirmed she is some type of Wesen.

"Natural Born Wesen"Edit

The patrons of the Junkyard Dog Bar, apart from Cole Pritchard, Krystal Fletcher and Gus Campbell are unknown Wesen as Monroe has to woge to gain entrance.

Several people in the group of concerned Wesen at the spice shop were also previously unseen on screen and so are unknown Wesen.

De Groot as a member/employee of the Wesen Council are assumed to be Wesen. As Alexander said the execution was carried out by "someone" local it is assumed that a human assassin was employed.

Season 3Edit

"A Dish Best Served Cold"Edit

One of the waiters of Graydon Ostler's Raven and Roe's, opened the door for Nick and Hank, after saying that they were still closed before realizing they were police. As every other employee at Raven and Roe's was Bauerschwein, it's likely that this waiter was a Bauerschwein as well.

"Stories We Tell Our Young"Edit

De Groot is seen again in this episode, when he sends Alexander to deal with Daniel Keary, the recent case of a Grausen.

"The Wild Hunt"Edit

Gregor Danilov, the head of the Verrat, is first seen meeting with |Prince Viktor, who is blaming him for the escape of Sean Renard.

As he is the leader of the Verrat, whose agents are primarily Hundjäger, it's assumed that Danilov is a Hundjäger as well.

"Once We Were Gods"Edit

Bob Taylor, a member of the Beati Paoli, breaks into Vera Gates' office with Karl Herman to steal the mummy inside the sarcophagus. A campus police officer spots them and when Karl attacks him, his gun goes off and hits Bob, killing him.

Danilov is seen again in Kronenberg Castle, where he and Prince Viktor capture Sebastien, after finding out he's a Laufer spy, and torture him as to the whereabouts of Adalind and Meisner.

"The Show Must Go On"Edit

Sid is working at the Carnival Metamorphosia, where he takes the tickets of those wishing to see the Wesen show. He also manages the performers and finds replacements and stand-ins when the performers cannot go on stage.

As he was working with a carnival made entirely of Wesen, and he himself picked out other Wesen to be in the carnival, it's assumed that Sid is also Wesen.

Season 4Edit

"The Last Fight"Edit

Two masked men sat outside the spice shop.

"Dyin' on a Prayer"Edit

The masked men threw a brick with a wolfsangel through one of the spice shop windows and drove off.


Officer Acker was one of the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen members who kidnapped Monroe.

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