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Cecil human

Angry Perp

Actor: Casey Vann
Gender: Male
Type: Skalengeck
Status: Living
Job: Drug dealer
TV Show: "Pilot"
"Island of Dreams"
"Natural Born Wesen"

Cecil is a Skalengeck who first appeared in "Pilot".


Season 1Edit


Cecil had been arrested and was sitting in the squad room at the South Precinct for interrogation when he briefly woged into his Skalengeck form. The reason for his arrest is unknown, as Nick was just beginning to unlock his Grimm abilities.

"Island of Dreams"Edit

Rosalee Calvert went to Cecil when she needed the location of the Trauminsel. He said that he had sold drugs to her in the past before she got clean, and he flirted with her a bit before giving her the address and entry tickets.

Season 2Edit

"Natural Born Wesen"Edit

Cecil was behind the bar, while Monroe was asking about the bank robbery.


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