"And they lived happily ever after." - Cinderella

In "Happily Ever Aftermath", the classic Cinderella story gets turned upside down when a happy couple is thrown into poverty after being ripped off by a Ponzi scheme, then turned away by the wife's stepfamily. When that stepfamily's matriarch is found dead in her apartment, it's up to Nick and Hank to investigate. This tale looks at what happens AFTER Cinderella finds her prince... proving that happily ever after is easier said than done. The episode elegantly paints the sibling rivalry featured in the original fairy tale, as the stepsisters harbor that same jealousy towards Cinderella, and the stepmother the same deep-seated resentment. But in this tale, Cinderella isn't so perfect herself; her jealousy and hatred towards her family, while justified in theory, spirals completely out of control. Looks like our fairy-tale princess isn't so picture perfect!

In other simularies, in both the couple meet at a dance, where the person she falls in love with, first dances with her sisters, before seeing her and failing in love at sight.

In the Grimm brothers' version of "Cinderella", help comes not from a fairy godmother (who appears in Perrault's tale) but rather from a "wishing tree" which grows upon her mother's grave.

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