Cousin 2


Coyotl cousin1

Actor: Patrick Oury
Gender: Male
Type: Coyotl
Relationships: Handcuff Hayden Walker, father
Handcuff Kyle Walker, brother
Handcuff Todd Walker, brother
Carly Kampfer, cousin
Status: Living

Cousin 2 is a Coyotl who first appeared in "Bad Moon Rising".


"Bad Moon Rising"Edit

He was part of Hayden Walker's pack that kidnapped Carly Kampfer, his cousin, to force her to participate in the Aseveración. He was arrested by Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin when they discovered the location of the Aseveración and rescued Carly.

"To Protect and Serve Man"Edit

When Nick and Hank went to visit Craig Ferren in prison, he was one of a number of Wesen prisoners who woged and watched Nick and Hank as they walked through the cell block.


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