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This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Cry Luison"


Actor Erik Gratton 405-Joe
405-Joe woged
Gender Male
Type Eisbiber
Status Living
Comments He is a friend of Bud who was overheard by Shaw saying that Nick was no longer a Grimm. Trubel visited him with Bud at his car shop and was able to scare him into telling her that Shaw had overheard this information.

Dr. Bern

Actor Karla Mason 405-Dr Bern
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Living
Comments She was the doctor that Ava Diaz saw while she thought she was going crazy because she was seeing a talking wolf.

First Man In Suit

Actor Bret Kiene 405-First man
405-First man woged
Gender Male
Type Hundjäger
Status Living
Comments He was one of the men who destroyed the house of Rolek Porter and chased Josh Porter.

Second Man In Suit

Actor Rex Alan McMillan 405-Second man
Gender Male
Type Hundjäger
Status Living
Comments He was the other man who destroyed the house of Rolek and chased Josh.

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