David Simkins
David Simkins
Roles: Writer
Co-Executive Producer
First Episode Written: "Quill"
Last Episode Written: "Quill"
Episodes Written: 1
More Info
Wikipedia: David Simkins
IMDb: David Simkins

David Simkins is an American screenwriter and television producer. His first produced screenplay was for the film Adventures in Babysitting in 1987. He has been an active writer and producer for television since his involvement with The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. in 1993-1994. He has written scripts for and produced the television shows Charmed, Blade: The Series, Dark Angel, Warehouse 13, The Dresden Files, and Human Target.

Early life and educationEdit

Simkins grew up in South Bend, Indiana. He graduated from Clay High School in 1977, where he was active in the production of the Junior Achievement-sponsored comedy series Beyond Our Control. Simkins learned the basics of television production on the series, which was broadcast locally on WNDU-TV. After graduating high school, he studied film and broadcasting at The University of Iowa, earning a bachelor's degree in 1982. He moved to Los Angeles, California, and got his first job at Sandy Howard Productions answering phones, and later reviewing and budgeting film scripts. Simkins told The South Bend Tribune, "That's where I learned how scripts were written. I learned how they came up with a budget." He later worked for a short period of time as a development executive for New World Pictures.

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