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DeEtta Calvert


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Actor: Laura Faye Smith
Gender: Female
Type: Fuchsbau
Relationships: Dead George Calvert, father
Gloria Calvert, mother
Rosalee Calvert, sister
Dead Freddy Calvert, brother
Monroe, brother-in-law
Status: Living
TV Show: "The Good Soldier"
"Blond Ambition"
Mentioned: "The Show Must Go On"

DeEtta Calvert is a Fuchsbau and the sister of Rosalee Calvert. She first appeared in "The Good Soldier".


"The Good Soldier"Edit

When Rosalee and Monroe came for dinner, she confronted Rosalee about missing their father's funeral and the fact that she was once a druggie, and their lack of communication for the last 7 years, causing Rosalee to tear up and leave the dinner table.

Later, however, she showed that she still loved her sister by threatening to kill Monroe if he ever broke Rosalee's heart.

"Blond Ambition"Edit


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