Dominick Spinner
216-Dominick Spinner
Actor: Eric Lange
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Jenna Marshall, employee
Dead Brody Crawford, former employee
Dead Vicky Edwards, former employee
Rashid Raju, employee
Status: Living
Job: Head Administrator for "Dark Forest"
TV Show: "Nameless"

Dominick Spinner is the head administrator for the "Dark Forest" online game series. He appeared in "Nameless".



At the launch party for "Black Forest 2," Dominick talked to some of the guests. Dominick walked up to the front of the room, grabbed a mic, and invited Jenna Marshall, Brody Crawford, and Vicky Edwards to join him. He spoke highly of Jenna for her work on the game.

After Brody was killed, Nick and Hank went and talked to Dominick. Hank asked him what Brody did for him, and Dominick told him he was a software engineer. Nick asked if there was anyone Brody didn't get along with, and Dominick informed him there was always friction in a creative business, but not enough to kill someone. Dominick told the detectives that everyone worked in teams and that Brody's team worked on the "Black Forest" sequel. Nick asked who was on Brody's team, and Dominick told him Jenna Marshall, the team leader, and also Vicky Edwards and Rashid Raju. He also said that they all worked on the code, which was a monster breakthrough as it allowed more people to occupy a single space at the same time. Dominick told them the code was a new platform standard and a game changer. Hank then said they were talking about big money, and Dominick replied it was the kind that wildest dreams are made of. Nick asked who shared those dreams, and Dominick said he and the team did, but the company owned the intellectual property. Hank asked what the relationships were like between Brody and the rest of the team, and Dominick said there was something going on between Brody and Jenna, despite the company discouraging workplace romances, but he stayed out of it as long as they were getting their work done.

Later, Nick and Hank met with Dominick, who told them that if "Nameless" was playing Black Forest 2, then he could track him using his login. Dominick found "Nameless" in the game, and a few seconds later, "Nameless" killed Vicky Edwards' avatar.

After doing research at the trailer and finding a bunch of names that used the same set of letters in the Fuchsteufelwild entry, Nick and Hank had Wu put the letters in an anagram solver to find all the names that started with a "T." They took the list of 221 possibilities to Dominick, who compared the list to names in the system, and they eventually got a match: Trinket Lipslums. Dominick asked how they could draw him out, and Nick said they needed to get into the game. Dominick then replied he could do that.


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