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119-Nick crossbow
Owned by: Dead Marie Kessler (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt
Others: Monroe
Theresa Rubel
Dead Kelly Burkhardt
Purpose: Killing/Wounding Wesen
Location: Trailer (formerly)
Exotic Spice & Tea Shop basement (formerly)
Currently unknown

Doppelarmbrust (DOP-pəl-arm-broost; pl: -brüste; Germ. doppel "double"/"twin" + Armbrust "crossbow") is a type of crossbow designed by Grimms to kill Blutbaden. A Doppelarmbrust fires two bolts without reloading. They can be loaded with many different types of poisons and serums. The design is closest to a French or Italian weapon. ("The Mythology of Grimm")



Side view

The standardized version, as shown in the Grimm Diaries, is one loaded with hellebore extract, and the other with hemlock extract. The hellebore extract has a sedative power to counter the Blutbad's "moon madness" ("The Mythology of Grimm") (this is used if the Grimm wishes to interrogate the Wesen), the second is poison, and means that any hit is lethal. It is also possible to add other herbs or potions to the bolt, and use it to administer them.

These herbs are also effective against other Wesen, and Nick uses the Doppelarmbrust as his go-to weapon.

There are several different sized darts one can use with the Doppelarmbrust, including the 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch darts, as well as "jumbo" darts. The jumbo darts are the largest and can carry the most amount of toxin or solution needed. ("Double Date")



  • The Doppelarmbrust was pictured in promo images for Season 4, and it was also specifically pictured in a promo image on Grimm's social media sites to help promote the Season 4 finale, "Cry Havoc", with a caption that read, "Grab your crossbows."[1]


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