Dr. Higgins

208-Dr. Higgins

208-Dr Higgins

Actor: Mary Page Keller
Gender: Female
Type: Genio Innocuo
Relationships: Handcuff Pierce Higgins, son
Status: Living
TV Show: "The Other Side"

Dr. Higgins is a Genio Innocuo who appeared in "The Other Side".


"The Other Side"Edit

Since the Genio Innocuo are naturally non-aggressive, Dr. Higgins wanted to instill aggressiveness and assertiveness in her offspring so he would be successful in life. She spliced together Löwen and Genio Innocuo DNA, hoping to create a child who would be both very intelligent and assertive.

When her son, Pierce, was in high school, Dr. Higgins discovered that her unnatural hybridization had a terrible effect; Pierce developed a secondary personality that was murdering his classmates. Dr. Higgins attempted to protect her son from the police, but he rebelled against her upon discovering what he had done to his friends, and he was only prevented from killing her by the intervention of Nick Burkhardt.


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