S5 S6
Owned by: Nick Burkhardt
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt
Dead Josef Nebojsa (formerly)
Others: Dead Felix Dietrich
Purpose: Killing/Wounding Wesen
Location: Hidden trunk in Josef Nebojsa's attic (formerly)
Nick and Adalind's Loft (formerly)
Exotic Spice & Tea Shop basement (formerly)

Dreifacharmbrust (DRAHY-faχ-arm-broost; pl: -brüste; Ger. Dreifach "triple" + Armbrust "crossbow") is a type of crossbow designed by Grimms to kill Wesen. An improvement on the Doppelarmbrust, which can fire two bolts without reloading, the Dreifacharmbrust can shoot three. The bolts can be loaded with many different types of poisons and serums.



Side view of its relative, the Doppelarmbrust

The standardized version, as shown in the Grimm diaries, is one loaded with hellebore extract, and the other with hemlock extract. Many other herbs or potions can be added to the bolts as a way to administer them. Compared to the standard version and even the Doppelarmbrust, the Dreifacharmbrust is quite large, but it can still be held with just one hand.


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