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This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Endangered"

Robert Hadley

Actor David Bodin 219 Robert Hadley
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments Robert Hadley is a farmer who, along with his farmhand, John, discovered his cows had been killed. After a Glühenvolk accidentally killed John, Robert spotted what he thought was a glowing alien running away from the scene. Afterwards, he explained what he saw to the detectives and later to George Lazure as well.

George Lazure

Actor Mark Fullerton 219-George Lazure
219 Raub Kondor3
Gender Male
Type Raub-Kondor
Status Deceased
Comments George Lazure claimed to be a UFOlogist chasing the Glühenvolk. It was revealed he was a Raub-Kondor tasked to find and skin Glühenvolk. He found the family of Glühenvolk right after Jocelyn had given birth, after missing his shot at Vincent. He ended up in a standoff against Monroe, Rosalee and Nick, but he was crucially distracted when Nick revealed that he was a Grimm. Taking advantage of Lazure's shock, Monroe was able to attack him with their brief fight ending when Nick shot Lazure with his own gun. He was then framed as the alien and discovered dead in his woged form in the truck Vincent stole. He woged back into human form while the SERT forces looked at him.

Dr. Kevin Levalle

Actor Ryan Fields 219 Dr. Kevin Levalle
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments Dr. Kevin Lavalle is a doctor who was on the scene of John's death. He informed the detectives that John's life couldn't be saved and explained that he was also told Hadley's alien explanation.

Maureen Rodriguez

Actor Marilyn Faith Hickey 219 Maureen Rodriguez
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Living
Comments Maureen Rodriguez was driving her car when she was spooked by the Glühenvolk, Vincent. She drove off the road, and he knocked her out. He then brought her to the barn where he and Jocelyn resided. They left her there to believe she had been abducted by aliens.


Actor Torrey Vogel 219 John
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments John was Hadley's farmhand, who along with Hadley discovered the cow carcasses. He was the first to discover the Glühenvolk, got scared, and went to grab a gun in his truck. He was accidentally killed when he was pushed by Vincent into a fencepost on the back of his truck.

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