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Ewig Woge (AY-vigh VOH-guh; Ger. "perpetual" + woge) is a syndrome in which a Wesen enters an exaggerated woge from which it cannot exit. Features are exaggeratedly more animal than usual (e.g. longer snout, sharper claws), and will succumbs to animal instinct.



  • Sharper nose
  • Claws longer and sharper
  • Highly aggressive
  • Skin becomes covered in a light coat of fur
  • Eyes more feral
  • Longer teeth
  • Enhanced sense of smell
  • Territorialism


  • Increased anxiety
  • Increased urge to hide


  • Longer snout
  • Heated temper
  • Fur thicker and more vividly colored
  • Teeth sharper
  • Claws longer and sharper


  • Enhanced "magic-sniffing" sense
  • More irritable

More research is needed on this. Sean Renard displayed an odd behavior, turning off an end lamp while visiting Nick Burkhardt and Juliette Silverton, making his features less visible but also making him act more comfortable. Either vanity is elevated, or light somehow affects the Zauberbiest in a way we don't yet understand.


  • Eyes become entirely catlike
  • Increased urge to be tricky
  • Increased "casual cruelty" - chasing and toying with people
  • Increased curiosity


  • More sheepish personality
  • Feet become hooves
  • Clumsier
  • Flight-or-fight behavior


Ewig Woge was the main symptom exhibited by Wesen who contracted the Woge Plague in the late 1800s. It was then considered a disease, a sort of virus.

Modern science tells us this could not be a simple virus. According to Juliette Silverton, the Ewig Woge may be caused by a woge-inducing hormone produced by a Wechselbalg, which would be injected in a massive quantity into a Grimm during the duplication process. The Grimm's body would respond to this hormonal imbalance by releasing it in sweat or CO2. Any Wesen who come into contact with the released hormone would woge uncontrollably to get rid of the excess hormone.


While no cure has been identified, patient aggression has been successfully countered in both Blutbad and Fuchsbau by triggering endorphin release. The discovery was initially made when a large volume of powdered ghost pepper was thrown in the faces of Monroe and Rosalee. Although extremely irritant, their systems responded to the imminent danger by releasing endorphins to calm themselves down. Upon making this discovery, Rosalee realized that less dangerous things, like pleasant aromas, chocolates, and light music could also be used to help suppress the animal instinct.

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