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Farley Kolt



Actor: Titus Welliver
Gender: Male
Type: Steinadler
Relationships: Dead Marie Kessler, ex-fiancée
Status: Presumed deceased
TV Show: "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"
Mentioned: "Happily Ever Aftermath"
"Woman in Black"

Farley Kolt was a Steinadler, who tricked two Schakale into shooting each other. He was arrested, and afterwards, told Nick about the Coins of Zakynthos, and about his relationship with Marie Kessler. Marie left Farley to take care of her sister's son, who was Nick. He assisted Nick and Hank when they tracked Soledad Marquesa, realizing he killed Nick's parents. Kolt stole the coins from Renard after Soledad was apprehended. Nick later got back the coins from Kolt.

In "Woman in Black", Kolt is mentioned by Akira Kimura to Captain Renard. Kimura met up with Kolt for three days in Los Angeles about the Coins of Zakynthos, thinking that he had them. It is unknown if Kimura kept him alive. Captain Renard advised Nick and Hank to contact LAPD to determine if Kolt's body had been found. The results of that contact are unknown.



Preceded by
Soledad Marquesa
Holder of the Coins
Succeeded by
Nick Burkhardt
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