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Farmer In Trouble is the third mission in Iberia in Grimm: Dark Legacy. It has a difficulty rating of 2/3.


March 1493

During the weekly market in Albacete, I overheard a farmer selling a couple of gaunt chickens. Obviously shaken and afraid, the husbandman rambled about wolves lurking in his lands. I offered my help for a roof and a loaf of bread.

After all, I knew that "wolf" was usually a mundane term for Wesen... If the "wolves" were to be one of the rampaging ones I've been tracking down for months, I might find new clues about them. May God be by my side on this one.


  • Prepare for battle: 0:20
  • Defend villagers
  • Survive wave 1
  • Survive wave 2
  • Survive wave 3
  • Exit the area




  • Farmer
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Leisure Hunt

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