Film of the White Terror
118-White Terror Film
Owned by: Dead Eduardo Grimm (formerly)
Dead Marie Kessler (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt (formerly)
Purpose: Documents the crimes of the Verrat during the White Terror
Location: Trailer (formerly)

The Film of the White Terror was a film on a reel found by Nick Burkhardt in the trailer inherited from his aunt, Marie Kessler. The canister is labeled Verrat, Madrid, 1936. With a voiceover by Eduardo Grimm, it depicts the crimes of the Verrat Hundjäger during the White Terror.


After being told of their arrest, I was able to get close enough with my camera, for the first time, to the place where they took the men. The Verrat enforcers executed Spanish farmers associated with the Republic. These enforcers infiltrated the highest ranks of the monarchists and Franco's army. They exacted Verrat law, across the land, with impunity. Accused of stealing, these innocent Wesen were executed without trial. Their True Crime was marrying outside their own breed.

The Verrat enforcers were identified as Hundjäger from a race so tenacious and vicious that it is said they are birthed by consuming their own mothers from inside the womb. Eduardo Grimm, Madrid, 1936.


After Juliette angrily started a fire in the trailer, ("Iron Hans") several of its contents were destroyed in the aftermath. ("You Don't Know Jack") It is unlikely the film survived the blaze.

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