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209 - promo2
Owned by: Nick Burkhardt
Dead Marie Kessler (formerly)
Dead Leo Taymor (formerly)
Dead Josef Nebojsa (formerly)
Others: Monroe
Dead Dimitri Skontos
Purpose: Killing Wesen/humans
Location: Nick and Adalind's Loft
Exotic Spice & Tea Shop basement (formerly)
Marie's Trailer (formerly)
Leo Taymor's garage (formerly)

A flail is a medieval weapon consisting of a spiked ball attached to a wooden pole by a chain. A form of club, although having fallen out fashion due to the creation of personal firearms, flails are still used in the Löwen Games and by Grimms.



  • Although sometimes mistakenly referred to as a "Morning Star," the weapons shown are flails, as a true Morning Star is a spiked mace.

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