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Fluvus Pestilentia
Fluvus Pestilentia disease Rosalee
Victims: Dead Carl Stanton
Dead Phyllis Stanton
Ryan Gilko
Rosalee Calvert
Location: Portland, Oregon
Seen In: "Quill"

Fluvus Pestilentia. also known as the Yellow Plague. is a deadly infectious disease that is caused by enterobacteria Fluvia pestilis. Primarily carried by swine (most notably the domesticated pig) and spread to Wesen via physical contact or exchange of fluids, the disease is notorious throughout Wesen history, due to the unrivaled scale of death and devastation it has brought.

Monroe said that back when there was no cure; the plague could wipe out entire Wesen villages.

The disease seems to affect all Wesen, as many are seen being infected by it in the Grimm Diaries, such as Skalenzahne, Mordstier, Eisbiber, Löwen, Dämonfeuer, Mauvais Dentes, Spinnetod and Mellifers. It is currently unknown if any Wesen are immune to it.

After passing to Wesen, the disease requires contact with the bloodstream to spread, it is not spread through oral contact, as Monroe was able to kiss Rosalee repeatedly, without getting infected. Humans are immune to the disease, as are Grimms; it only affects Wesen.

It appears to be the equivalent of the Black Death Plague to Wesen. Both caused massive amounts of death in the past when there was no cure. Both diseases, though notorious back then, are believed to have vanished (that is shown by the fact that not all Wesen are aware of the symptoms).



While in the rage state a Reinigen named Carl Stanton crashed into the truck of forest ranger, Ryan Gilko. When Ryan exited his truck, Carl attacked him. Ryan woged into his Stangebär form to defend himself, and chased Carl away. During the brief fight Ryan sustained a small cut.

When faced by Nick and Hank in an office, Carl attacked, and was shot dead.

Instead of getting a crime reference for insurance purposes, Ryan starts hitting on the officer, displaying the first sign of infection.

The next morning Ryan Gilko wakes from a nightmare and when he goes to the bathroom to freshen up, the lesions are visible on his back.

Sgt. Wu finds an address for Carl Stanton and having heard a female voice on the answering machine, goes to meet Phyllis Stanton. On arrival at the home, Phyliis attacks him and Wu is forced to kill her. She was infected and in the rage state when she attacked him.

Ryan has succumbed to the rage state and is looking for trouble when he finds Monroe and Rosalee enjoying a picnic in the park. He attacks them, scratching Rosalee, but they escape in Monroe's Volkswagen. Back at the spice shop Rosalee starts behaving very amorously towards Monroe. During their embrace Monroe receives a call from Nick asking about the Yellow Plague, and warning that there may be an outbreak in Portland. Monroe notices a scratch on Rosalee's neck and realizes that she is infected. Rosalee is, however, able to tell Monroe that there is a cure and how to make it.

Shortly afterwards Nick and Hank are investigating reports of a disturbance in the forest and find Ryan, who collapses in front of them. Nick and Hank take Ryan to the spice shop for treatment.

At the spice shop, Monroe lies Rosalee on a bed while he prepares the cure, not realizing that he should restrain her. When Nick and Hank arrive with Ryan, Rosalee has escaped out the window. Hank and Monroe complete the cure and administer it to Ryan while Nick chases Rosalee. Nick finds Rosalee in an alley and she attacks him with a pair of scissors. Nick easily knocks her out and brings her back to the spice shop where the cure is administered.

Both Ryan and Rosalee respond quickly to the cure with their skin lesions clearing, and their normal behavior returning.


The symptoms of plague begin with the patient exhibiting strong affectionate responses to those around him and a rash characterized by small yellow bumps surrounded by pink, irritated skin. The bumps develop into large yellow boils, filled with fluid. These boils grow until the skin ruptures and large amounts of fluid run down the body.

The disease ultimately drains into the bloodstream, so the plague bacteria may enter the blood and travel to almost any part of the body. In yellow plague, bacterial endotoxins cause disseminated intravascular coagulation, causing tiny clots throughout the body and possible ischemic necrosis (tissue death due to lack of circulation/perfusion to that tissue) from the clots. This results in depletion of the body's clotting resources, so that it can no longer control bleeding.

Consequently, there is bleeding into the skin and other organs, which can cause red and/or yellow patchy rash and coughing up/vomiting of blood.

There are bumps on the skin that look somewhat like insect bite; these are usually red, and sometimes yellow in the center. Untreated, yellow plague is usually fatal. Early treatment with antibiotics reduces the mortality rate to between 4 and 15 percent. Wesen who die from this form of plague often die on the same day symptoms first appear. ("Spice Shop at NBC")

The disease causes the infected person to become love drunk, becoming sexually aggressive, and then fall into a rage, attacking anyone they see. They get yellow marks all over their face and body. Once the infection occurs, the speed of which it spreads and progresses does not seem to be the same for all Wesen, since it took Ryan Gilko, a Stangebär, at least a day to manifest the rashes while a Fuchsbau, like Rosalee, exhibited the symptoms only after a few hours. Likewise a Reinigen was show to still be in the rage state after at least a day, while Fuchsbau and Stangebär would likely be dead.



  • 1 tsp Hassin Flavel
  • 1/2 tsp oil of ivy
  • 1 1/2 tsp dried aloe
  • 1 pinch of nightshade
  • 5 tsp Caspian Sea salt
  • 1 horse hair
  • 1/8 tsp flea extract
  • 2 fibers of simmeon
  • 3/4 tsp nettle powder
  • 1 tsp rattle snake scales
  • 3/4 tsp ragwort
  • 1/4 tsp root of Roburea


"Crush all dried ingredients into a fine powder in a bowl while you heat the water over high heat. Simmer a half tsp of ivy, 1 1/2 tsp dried aloe, nightshade, and Caspian Sea salt with water and lavender oil for several minutes. Add horse hair, flea extract and some simmeon. Next, add some nettle powder and rattle snake scales. Finally, add the root of Robura.

Once the water reaches a rolling boil, remove from heat and steep the ingredients for a few minutes longer. Pour into a cup and serve similar to tea. If patient's symptoms have progressed beyond the first stage of rash, the patient will need to be restrained and the treatment forcibly administered until at least three ounces have been swallowed.

If the treatment has been successfully concocted, the results will begin to show almost immediately. The rash will begin to heal rapidly and recede back to normal skin tone. Much rest will be required for several days after.

Because this recipe is made with root of Robura, it should not be used on a continual basis. Administer this remedy just once as dependency and damage to the bowels may be caused.

This treatment is not to be used preemptively as a vaccination for Fluvus Pestilentia. It will only be effective once the disease has been contracted. However, it will not be effective after the patient has been sick for more than 36 hours. Likewise, this treatment cannot revive the dead. "("Spice Shop at NBC")

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

Fluvus Pestilentia1

The Yellow Plague could wipe out entire Wesen villages.

Aduenit itaque mortifera pestilentia que nuncupatur Pestis Flava orta in suinis.

Cedite suinos et domos pestiferas. Extirpate originem antequam pandit mortalitas.


Then arrived a deadly disease, which is called the plague, and broke out in the color yellow.

Shut out those with the yellow marks and kill the origin before it spreads.


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