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Fourth Crusade
Referenced: "Bad Teeth"
"The Hour of Death"

The Fourth Crusade was supposed to be an expedition to conquer Muslim-controlled Jerusalem through Egypt. Instead, in April 1204, the Crusaders of Western Europe invaded and sacked the Christian city of Constantinople. It seems to have been a turning point in the history of the Grimms.

Following the sacking of Constantinople, the knights in service to the Seven Houses returned to western Europe with a treasure so powerful that they feared the consequences of its coming into the possession of the houses they served. They hid the treasure and created a map consisting of seven sections, each on the handle of a key. Nick's Keys are two of the seven.

"Bad Teeth" Edit

The Conversation

After Kelly removes a rolled piece of paper from the cabinet in Marie's Trailer.

Nick: What is that?
Kelly: A page from one of the first diaries ever kept by one of us. You see, legend has it that there are seven keys.
Nick: Seven?
Kelly: Forged by knights who fought for the seven royal families in the fourth crusade. Now, when you put the maps together, they make one big map, leading to the location where the knights hid the precious wealth they took from Constantinople after they sacked and burnt it. Those knights are our ancestors.
Nick: What, so they worked for the seven royal families.
Kelly: Some of them did. Well, they needed us.
Nick: So the Wesen fought for the royals?
Kelly: Yes, and the royals needed the Grimms to control them, as they do now, but there was one thing in the treasure the knights hid. There was one thing that was more powerful than anything anyone had ever seen. If the royal families got ahold of it, they could control the world.
Nick: Okay, so nothing really big. I guess they hid this thing pretty well?
Kelly: Sure, yeah. They made a map, they cut it into seven pieces, they gave each knight a key.
Nick: What was so powerful?
Kelly: I wish I knew. This is the only page left of the diary. which was destroyed in the Wesen wars of 1285.
Nick: Okay, now I have a headache.
Kelly: Nick... They know you have the key.
Nick: Who?
Kelly: The royal families. They're the only ones powerful enough to send the Mauvais dentes. My guess is, they want the key and they want you dead.
Nick: How would they know I have a key? I haven't shown it to anyone.
Kelly: There must be somebody in Portland who knows. I think we have to get to Kimura, because he might give us the connection. We need to talk to him.
Nick: You cannot go to the precinct.
Kelly: No, but you can.

"The Hour of Death" Edit

Monroe refers to the "Sterbestunde" ("hour of death") — the wholesale killing of Wesen by Grimms — as having started after the Fourth Crusade.

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