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Actor: Robert Blanche
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Wife
Status: Living
Job: Police officer
TV Show:
Webisodes: "Meltdown"
Comics: Issue 9
Mentioned: "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

Sergeant Franco is a police officer who appears to be under Sergeant Wu and works in the Homicide Department. He appears to share many of Wu's duties and possibly fills in for Sergeant Wu whenever the latter is busy elsewhere.


Season 1Edit


He was the present at Ryan Showalter's condominium when Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin arrived. Back at the precinct, he told the detectives the results of crimes from other cities when they arrived.

"Last Grimm Standing"Edit

Franco was at the scene of the murder of the Weller couple. He later called Hank after finding Demitri's abandoned and salvaged car and stayed at the scene until they arrived. He tried to capture a man lurking in the nearby abandoned warehouse, but the man injured Franco's hand and escaped.

"Island of Dreams"Edit

"Woman in Black"Edit

Season 2Edit

"Bad Teeth"Edit


After receiving a phone call warning that a Nuckelavee has been sent to Portland, Renard called Franco into his office and told him to track down the possibilities. Franco later reported to Renard that "an unidentified man had arrived in the city from Rome before disappearing and at about the same time as the man's arrival, a taxi and it's driver had disappeared".

"The Other Side"Edit

"La Llorona"Edit

"The Hour of Death"Edit

"Natural Born Wesen"Edit

Franco obtained information from the Bank Teller about the robbery at the First Cascadian Bank. He then told Nick and Hank that there were three robbers, and they were all wearing some kind of animal masks and security cameras which caught it all on tape were being reviewed.

"The Waking Dead"Edit

Franco, who has been promoted to sergeant, arrives with Wu at the house where Richard Mulpus is rampaging and find the body of Lilly O'Hara. He is attacked by Mulpus, and when Wu attacks Mulpus and is knocked down, shoots and kills him.

Season 3Edit

"The Ungrateful Dead"Edit

"El Cucuy"Edit

"Red Menace"Edit

"The Wild Hunt"Edit

He was at the precinct when Captain Renard showed the dash cam video of Woden attacking the OHP Officer.

"Mommy Dearest"Edit

"Once We Were Gods"Edit

"Blond Ambition"Edit

Season 4Edit

"Thanks for the Memories"Edit

Franco arrives to Trubel's room where Wu is sitting on the bed looking at the Grimm diaries. Franco tells him that Nick and Hank are there, so Wu and Franco go meet them outside the house. Wu recognizes Trubel and Juliette says that she has been staying with them. Nick tells Wu and Franco that she was the one who killed the shooter, which surprises them both. Nick tells them he tried to kill her after he shot Renard. Nick and Hank go inside with Wu and Franco to talk to Detectives Meacham and Pogue as they are handling the case.



"Iron Hans"Edit

He brought in the previous night's crime report to Renard's office as Renard had requested. Renard specifically wanted to know if there were any reports of aggravated assaults, and he had Franco look into one report specifically and check with the victim for a possible description of the attacker. Franco returned to his office to let him know that the victim, named James Waddell, was attacked at 2:45 AM next to the Skidmore Fountain. Franco told him that there were no witnesses, and he couldn't provide a description of who assaulted him. Renard told Franco that he didn't want him to check on the victim at the hospital when Franco asked.


He was the officer doing surveillance on Captain Renard's home after Nick, Hank, and Renard had found Henrietta murdered in her home. He asked Nick and Hank what he was supposed to be looking for, and they told him to let them know if anyone left or entered Renard's home. He asked if they were after the Captain again, but Hank just told him maybe and that they didn't know yet.

He later called Nick to let him know that the Captain was headed to the precinct.



Part 1, "Deep Freeze"Edit

He and Wu knock on the door of Bud's shop to ask if he has seen or heard anything unusual. They ask Bud to call if anything happens.

Part 3 "Tight Squeeze"Edit

He and Wu cautiously enter Bud's shop with guns drawn in response to Bud's 911 call. When Bud emerges from the freezer, they both look at him and the zombie attacks from behind. All three retreat to the freezer which Wu locks with a wrench before calling for backup on his radio.

Part 4 "Dance with the Dämmerzustand"Edit

When Wu hears a voice outside and opens the freezer door he watches while Hank fells the zombie with one punch.



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