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S2 S3
Frau Pech

222 Frau Pech

Frau Pech Morphed

Actor: Mary McDonald-Lewis
Other Actor: Claire Coffee (Impersonation)
Gender: Female
Type: Hexenbiest
Relationships: Adalind Schade, former accomplice
Stefania Vaduva Popescu, old acquaintance/enemy
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Stabbed by Stefania Vaduva Popescu
TV Show:
Season 3
"The Ungrateful Dead" (body only)}
"PTZD" (body only)
Mentioned: "A Dish Best Served Cold"
"One Night Stand"

Frau Pech was a Hexenbiest that first appeared in "Mr. Sandman".


Season 2Edit

"Mr. Sandman"Edit

Frau Pech visited Adalind Schade in Vienna. She was aware of Catherine Schade's death and of Adalind having lost her Hexenbiest spirit. She sensed Adalind's pregnancy and Adalind told her that the father was one of two half-brothers. Pech concluded that the father was a royal.


Frau Pech arrives at Adalind's apartment in Vienna in the middle of night and commands that she come with her to visit Stefania Vaduva Popescu, the Zigeunersprache of the Schwarzwald gypsies.

Frau Pech and Adalind arrive at the gypsy camp, where she and Stefania exchange verbal barbs. Pech assists Stefania in preparing the tools needed to test the blood of Adalind's baby.

After the baby's bloodline is confirmed, Stefania offers a price, to which Frau Pech scoffs and says they can do better on the open market in Budapest. Adalind interrupts and says that the price for her baby is the restoration of her powers.

"The Waking Dead"Edit

Frau Pech is spying on Adalind and sees Stefania leaving her hotel room. While Adalind is waiting to meet someone at a restaurant, Frau Pech arrives, sits down and warns Adalind about Stefania and "not to let her womb become her tomb." She then goes to meet Renard's Confidant and tells him that someone outside the family is carrying Royal blood, and that the child may be for sale.

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"Edit

Frau Pech mixes up an ingredient and gives it to a man to put inside Adalind's food; once she passes out, Pech uses a potion to transform herself into Adalind. Right on cue, Stefania calls and asks for a meeting. "Adalind" visits the gypsy queen, who tells her the plan to get rid of Frau Pech: Stefania will pretend to double-cross Adalind, and when Frau Pech arrives to negotiate, one of her sons will garrote her so that her heart can be taken and used to restore Adalind's powers. Incredulous, Frau Pech asks if that will really work, to which Stefania replies that they'll find out. At that moment, one of her sons immediately garrotes Frau Pech. Stefania knew who she really was all along. Stefania stabs the elder Hexenbiest in the stomach and prepares to cut her heart out.

Season 3Edit

"The Ungrateful Dead"Edit

Her body with the heart removed through a slit from her stomach to her throat, is lying on the floor of Stefania's abode. Adalind is summoned and she cuts off Frau Pech's hands and feet and plucks out her eyes.


Her body is lying where Adalind and Stefania left it, when they return. Adalind is instructed to put the dead flowers into her chest cavity and the sew up the cut. Later Adalind is instructed to remove the resulting paste from Frau Pech's chest cavity.



  • "Pech" is German for misfortune. Alternatively it means pitch (resin).
  • "Frau" is the formal address for an adult female in German (contrary to common belief unmarried females are not any longer refered to as "Fräulein"), and is not meant to be part of the character's name.

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