Participants: Nick Burkhardt
Edgar Waltz
Location: Portland, Oregon
TV Show: "Cat and Mouse"

Freidenreden (FRY-dən-ray-dən; Ger. Frieden "peace" + reden "to talk") is a term used by the Verrat to describe a white-flag truce meetup between two opposing parties in a fight.

The terms of a Freidenreden:

  1. No arms or weapons allowed.
  2. No fighting allowed.

A Freidenreden may be called to discuss the status of a relationship between the two parties or to take strategic advantage of the moments following the Freidenreden, during which both parties are vulnerable.

Once the discussion has ended, the Freidenreden is over and anything goes. In "Cat and Mouse," Edgar Waltz and Nick Burkhardt call a Freidenreden about the deaths of several characters throughout the episode. Waltz admits guilt but threatens Nick that if he doesn't get Ian Harmon, he will kill more innocent people.


Likely, the meaning intended was "peace talks." However, the correct translation would be "Friedensgespräche." A truce would actually mean "Waffenruhe" or "Waffenstillstand."

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