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This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Fugitive"

Tactical Cop

Actor Anthony Lam 601-Tactical Cop
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments He was part of a SERT team assigned to search Monroe and Rosalee's home for Nick Burkhardt. He alerted Monroe to the fact they had a search warrant. When Monroe started to put up a bit of a protest, he aimed his gun at Monroe and told him not to interfere.


Actor Sara Hennessy 601-Tech
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Living
Comments A tech for the South Precinct, she was part of a team that did a check on the fingerprints found in Rachel Wood's apartment after her body was found. Feeling that the findings were "awkward," she personally brought the case file to Hank and Wu and told them that Renard's fingerprints were found all over the apartment, surreptitiously commenting that she believed the two were doing more than just business together.

Officer Welsh

Actor Heath Koerschgen 601-Officer Welsh
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments Officer Welsh reported to Renard to tell him where Nick's abandoned car was found and later came back to report to him that of all the incoming and outgoing calls to Nick's cell phone, only one other, coming from Bud's repair shop, hadn't been checked yet, which prompted Renard to order that Bud's house and repair shop have SERT teams placed at both locations.

Officer #2

Actor Kartik Chainani 601-Officer 2
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments His name is Officer Hickman. At Rachel Wood's apartment, he informed Hank and Wu about the discovery of her body. Hank told the officer to bring in the Crime Scene Unit and have the whole place fingerprinted.

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