511-Ungeziefer Greifer

Actor: Igor Korošec
Gender: Male
Type: Ungeziefer Greifer
Relationships: Father Eickholt, associate
Dolph, associate
Ludwig, associate
Status: Living
Languages known: German

Gottlob is an Ungeziefer Greifer who first appeared in "Key Move".


"Key Move"Edit

The deaf sacristan at Father Eickholt's church in Wolfach, Germany, he was startled when Monroe tapped his shoulder. He woged into his Wesen form and saw that Nick was a Grimm, so he ran away in fear. After Father Eickholt spoke with them, he went up and told the priest that Nick was a Grimm and that Nick would kill them all, which led to Father Eickholt meeting up with Gottlob, Dolph, and Ludwig to form a plan to go after Nick, with Gottlob encouraging them to kill him. The group ended up finding Nick and Monroe's rental car in the woods and began to pursue them after Father Eickholt picked up their scent.

"Into the Schwarzwald"Edit

As Nick and Monroe were returning back to their car, Gottlob ran into them. He then woged and bit Monroe's arm, before fleeing and telling the rest of the group that he'd found them. Gottlob, Father Eickholt, Ludwig, and Dolph eventually all regrouped and made their way back to their cars and saw that Nick and Monroe were driving away. As they were about to go after them, they soon discovered that Nick and Monroe had punctured one tire on each of their vehicles.



  • His name means "God" (Gott) and "praise" (Lob) in German.
  • His character was introduced as being deaf, but the way he converses with Father Eickholt without reading his lips seems to contradict that.

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