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Grimm Diaries
Owned by: Dead Mr. Kessler (Kelly & Marie's father)
Dead Marie Kessler
Kelly Burkhardt
Nick Burkhardt
Dead Rolek Porter
Purpose: Record of Wesen
Location: Trailer
TV Show:

The Grimm Diaries are records of personal encounters with Wesen. These traditionally feature a sketch of the Wesen and a brief-to-vivid description of the Wesen or the encounter. Some diaries include in-depth information about combating specific Wesen, such as an effective recipe and means for poisoning a Siegbarste. Grimm tradition is to record these things, and the records are passed on through generations and exchanged solely within the Grimm network. Some Grimms have recorded their encounters chronologically, volume-to-volume, whereas others devote each individual volume to only a single Wesen.

Nick Burkhardt first came across a library of these books in his aunt's trailer after she was hospitalized just before her death.

The oldest Grimm diary was kept by one of the Seven Knights who worked for the Seven Royal Households in the 12th Century. Only one page survives of it; the rest was destroyed in the Wesen Wars of 1285. ("Bad Teeth")

Some even older records survive, however, as Nick and Monroe discovered a folio containing a contemporary account of Pompeii's destruction in the 1st century. ("Volcanalis")

Monroe has his own personal collection of works as well, though these are written from the perspective of a Blutbad. ("Twelve Days of Krampus") ("The Chopping Block")

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