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This page is currently under construction. Its aim is to assign each episode to specific dates.

1202 - 1204 Edit

Fourth Crusade


The Wesen Wars occurred.


Council of Walenstadt formed; Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex written.


Royals, Grimms, and Wesen meet for the first time and write the Charter of Wittenberg. ("Stories We Tell Our Young")


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm first publish Grimms' Fairy Tales.


September 15Edit

Robert McCormick visits the Galapagos Islands and slaughters the Genio Innocuo. (Note: this is Grimm timeline as McCormick left the Beagle in Bazil in 1832, and Darwin arrived on the Galapagos Islands on 15 September 1835}


A Grimm in Germany documents an encounter with a Ziegevolk while visiting Kitzbühel Alps, south of Rattenberg, Austria.


Marie Kessler is born.


Sean Renard is born on October 21.


Nick Burkhardt is born on June 18.


Adalind Schade is born on October 16.


March 24Edit

Four Schakale murder Reed Burkhardt and Gina Serafini in a motor collision in Rhinebeck, though they intended to kill Kelly Burkhardt instead. Kelly informed Marie Kessler to keep it secret that she was still alive and went in pursuit of the murderers until 2012. Marie ended her relationship with Farley Kolt so she could look after Nick.


Juliette begins working at the Roseway Veterinary Clinic. ("Bad Moon Rising") ("The Chopping Block")


Juliette moves in with Nick. ("Bad Moon Rising")



Soledad Marquesa begins his hunt for the Coins of Zakynthos. ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau")



Akira Kimura is sighted in Lisbon and not seen again until "Woman in Black". ("Woman in Black")

September 10Edit

"Pilot" begins during the school year.

September 12Edit

Full moon. "Pilot" ends and "Bears Will Be Bears" begins.

September 15-22Edit

Marie is buried on an unknown date, ending "Bears Will Be Bears".

"Beeware" and "Lonelyhearts" happen. In "Beeware", Melissa Wincroft warns that the reaper in "Lonelyhearts" will arrive soon. "Beeware" spans two full days (morning to evening). "Lonelyhearts" spans three days (evening to daylight), and the foreshadowed reaper arrives.

September 22-26Edit

"Danse Macabre" spans five days (evening to evening), and the November 11th date is shown on a cell phone. Interestingly, however, September 22nd shows on Sarah's phone. Based on Wu's comment the following morning that the concert is scheduled for "Saturday" rather than "today", the November date is incorrect. Nick meets Bud. Renard gets Adalind to seduce Hank for the first time. The September 26th date is shown on a cell phone on the final evening. ("Danse Macabre")

October 11-13Edit

"The Three Bad Wolves". Date given away by a full moon on October 12th.

December 8-11Edit

"Let Your Hair Down" occurs before Christmas, as indicated by Monroe's decorating. We know Monroe celebrates Thanksgiving ("Bears Will Be Bears"), so this must be in December. The moon is full on the third night, which is December 10th. Bud and his friends spy on Nick's home on December 9th.

December 16Edit

The final night of "Organ Grinder" is on the 16th, from the printed article that the Wildesheer has about Nick in the "The Wild Hunt" episode.



"Game Ogre" spans three days (night to morning). "Of Mouse and Man" spans three (night to night). "Organ Grinder" spans four days (night to night). Lack of Christmas decoration in Monroe's home indicates it's no longer December.

February 10-13Edit

"Tarantella". The date is shown on a security camera film.

Mid-February to Mid-JulyEdit

"Last Grimm Standing" spans three days (night to night). Nick and Juliette celebrate their 3-year anniversary on the third evening, shortly after the end of the episode.

Late FebruaryEdit

The Dragon's Tongue stirs up trouble in Berlin. ("Woman in Black")

March 10-12Edit

"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" spans three days (night to night) 2.5 months before Kimura is found.

Nick tells Farley Kolt it has been "about four months" since Aunt Marie's passing.

Between March 10 and JulyEdit

These episodes span under 2.5 months. ("Woman in Black")

Kimura wastes three days with Farley Kolt in Los Angeles. ("Woman in Black")

"Plumed Serpent" spans three days (night to night).

"Island of Dreams" spans three days (night to night).

"The Thing With Feathers" spans two days (Friday afternoon to Saturday night).

"Love Sick" spans at least three days (daylight to night).

"Cat and Mouse" spans three days (night to night).

"Leave It to Beavers", "Happily Ever Aftermath", and "Big Feet" also happen during this time period.

Mid JulyEdit

Season 2 begins. "Bad Teeth" begins, showing a ship parting from Port Havre on which a Mauvais Dentes stowed away to Portland. Episode cuts and picks up ten days later.

Late JulyEdit

"Woman in Black" begins. On the final of these three evenings, a massacre occurs on the ship, and then Kimura is apprehended.  ("Bad Teeth") Season 1 ends.

"Bad Teeth" continues from a few minutes prior to the end of "Woman in Black", replaying the entire final scene in fast motion. In all, "Bad Teeth" spans 11 nonconsecutive days. Without the short scene at the beginning, the rest spans two days (late night to early evening).

"The Kiss" begins where "Bad Teeth" left off and spans two days (early evening to late evening).

August 1Edit

"Bad Moon Rising" ends. Nick's dialogue with Juliette sets the date shy of a year after "Pilot", and the full-moon plot element sets the date with precision. This directly supports the dates in "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" and the dialogue from "Woman in Black", confirming the chronological discontinuity of a prop from "Woman in Black".

October 31Edit

"La Llorona" finishes on Halloween, as evidenced by all the children 'trick or treating'.


March 23-24Edit

In "Nameless", the date in the solution to the Sudoku puzzle is March 12th at 7:15 P.M., so it's after this date that the deaths occurred. Jenna Marshall acts like this was some time ago, since she can't recall the details when confronted with the puzzle.

Renard's Confidant says that he is supposed to be in Venice for the weekend, so the last two weekends in March are 23-24 & 30-31.

The episode ends after two nights.

March 25-27Edit

The flashback reads "6 months ago" as "One Angry Fuchsbau" starts. Cut to "Today" (Monday), which picks up the morning after "Nameless" ends; with Nick discussing last night's conversation with Monroe about Juliette wanting to see the trailer.

In court, the prosecuting attorney says that on October 16th Donald Nidaria murdered his wife, Katherine. (6 months from that date gives us March 16th) But in order for the previous episode to fit, it has to be the end of March. Since the only Monday that would be near the end of March is the 25th, it seems the obvious date to go with.  

The episode spans 3 full days.

April 19Edit

"Volcanalis" starts. The date from the video Jill Prembrey made at Mount Hood sets the date.

May 2-3Edit

We get the dates for "Kiss of the Muse" from events of the next episode. The Portland Farmers Market at Shemanski Park is only open on Wednesdays, which the first date in May listed in 2013 is May 1st.

"The Waking Dead" is from the same night of "Kiss of the Muse", with Nick and Juliette in front of their house after leaving the Precinct. That morning we're clued into the date (May 4th) from Hank pulling up Richard Mulpus' death certificate with the May 7th date. Hank says that was three days ago.


The Icy Touch begins. "Monroe...sniffed the October air."  ("The Icy Touch")

December 21-22Edit

"Twelve Days of Krampus" takes place as Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Bud search for the missing teens before Krampus eats them and ends as Krampus' human form is taken to the precinct for interrogation.


January 15-17Edit

In "The Good Soldier", the day after the first murder, Hank pulls up a police report from Phoenix on the death of Robert Hammond with a date of January 16th.

March 19Edit

"The Show Must Go On" begins as the date was on the ticket stubs of the murdered women.


  • A trailer released during the off-season indicates only six months occurred between "Pilot" and "Woman in Black".
  • The intro to "Bad Teeth" indicates 8 months passed from "Pilot" to "Woman in Black".
  • Dates shown on props throughout season 1 span 13 months, showing starting dates in September 2011 and ending dates in October 2012, though the dialogue and plot elements push the end date forward to a better-supported ending date in late July 2012. ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau") ("Woman in Black") ("Bad Moon Rising")
  • "Danse Macabre" shows a date in November followed by a date in September.
  • "Woman in Black" shows October dates in July.

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