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408-Diego wakes up covered in blood

"Chupacabra" is the eighth episode of season 4 and the seventy-fourth episode overall of Grimm.
Air date: December 12, 2014

An unsuspecting traveler brings a blood-sucking legend with him to Portland, and Nick and Hank find themselves investigating the gruesome trail of "El Chupacabra." Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee prepare to leave for their long-overdue honeymoon as they are met with more threats regarding their marriage. Elsewhere, Viktor and Adalind decide to take a trip of their own, while Wu decides to confront Nick about what he has been seeing.


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"Wesenrein" is the ninth episode of season 4 and the seventy-fifth episode overall of Grimm.
Air date: January 9, 2015

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About Grimm
NBC's Grimm, set in contemporary Portland, Oregon, is the story of Nick Burkhardt. Burkhardt is a homicide detective who one day sees a beautiful woman transform into a hag. That evening Nick's Aunt Marie Kessler arrives and tells him that he is one of the last Grimms, a long line of hunters whose purpose is to manage a group of dangerous supernatural creatures known as Wesen.
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Episode 4x09,
"Wesenrein" Promo
Grimm - Searching for Monroe (Preview)00:51

Grimm - Searching for Monroe (Preview)

Episode Countdown

"Wesenrein" will air on January 9th, 2015 at 9pm EDT.

Next on Grimm
"Wesenrein": January 9, 2015
"Tribunal": January 16, 2015
"Death Do Us Part": January 23, 2015

Previously on Grimm

"Chupacabra": December 12, 2014
"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas": December 5, 2014
"Highway of Tears": November 28, 2014

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