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Spoilers are not tolerated on the Grimm Wiki, except those listed below in green:

It's the one and only official teaser summary for the episode, which is found at the NBC Grimm website.

It's an official trailer that NBC aired on television.

I got it from NBC's Grimm website.

I got it from NBC's website.

I got the episode title from a source I deem reliable.

A cast/crew member or producer shared it publicly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or some other site.

I got it from NBCGrimm's Twitter feed.

I got it from a different Twitter feed.

A cast/crew member or producer said this in an interview, at a convention, or on television.

It's from one of the unapproved sources above, but it's linked to from the NBC website.

It's not explicitly mentioned in the approved sources above, but adding a little brainpower, it's implied. I am genius!

1. Releases from NBC are not necessarily written by people who have detailed knowledge about the series and are frequently include inaccurate details and/or spelling.
2. Images on the NBC Web page are sometimes production stills that do not reflect the content of episodes.
3. Trailers are not valid sources of information, and often are highly misleading. They are designed to captivate, not to inform.

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