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Owned by: Dvalin
Purpose: Strikes any target regardless of the wielder's aim or strength

Gungnir (O.Norse "swaying one") was the spear wielded by Odin (Woden?). Kelly Burkhardt offered to tell Nick Burkhardt, Monroe, and Hank Griffin the legend as an example of one of the great accomplishments during the crusades, but having just defeated Drauz and destroyed what they thought were the Coins of Zakynthos, they stopped her so they could just enjoy their own victory for a bit.


The spear was crafted by the dwarf Sons of Ivaldi under their master blacksmith Dvalin. For the handle, they used wood from the tree Yggdrasil. The spear's magical powers caused it to strike any target, regardless of the wielder's aim or strength.

Loki tricked the dwarves into giving Gungnir to him, and he regifted it to Odin to help make up for selling Sif's hair.

Gungnir was said to be one of many artifacts which caught the imagination of Heinrich Himmler and other 'true believers' in the Third Reich and its destiny of greatness.

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