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S1 S4 S5 Icon - Comics Icon - Book
410-Hasslich woge
Other languages: German: Rattentroll
Hungarian: Förmedvény
Russian: Тролль
Farsi: هسلیش
Notables: Dead Hulda
Dead Reaper
Handcuff Sal Butrell
Herman Nimerfro
Dead Walter Dempsey

A Hässlich (HAYS-likh; Ger. "ugly") is a troll-like Wesen that first appeared in "Pilot". They seem to make up the majority of the Reapers.



As depicted in the comic book series.

Hässlich are generally large and bulky creatures. Upon woge, they gain leathery skin, a large nose, and sharp, needle-like fangs. They also lose all facial hair when they woge and gain creases running through their forehead. Interestingly, there seems to be a variation in their species, as some Hässlich are bald in their true form, but all the ones who are Reapers still have their hair. Likewise, some Hässlich gain large goblin-like ears, while others keep their normal ears. Their skin tone also varies from a yellowish green to a brown or tan color.

They are stronger than humans and are able to match blows with a Grimm. They appear to be as strong as Blutbaden, but they are not as fast. Hässlich are also incredibly durable. They are able to take multiple shots from a handgun before they die, as well as knife wounds and excessive blunt force. However, they are still as vulnerable as a human to other methods of death, such as beheading or having a crossbow bolt hit them in the neck. They also don't get tired easily. They possess their great strength and durability regardless if they woge or not.


Hässlich have a natural interest in bridges and have found their niche in inspecting bridges. There is an ongoing feud between Hässlich and Eisbibers, so during a bridge inspection, the Hässlich inspecting agency will usually get the better of the Eisbiber construction firm. The Hässlich also believe that all bridges are theirs, so they demand payment from the constructors, normally Eisbibers. If they are refused, they will kill. They also have no qualms about killing other innocent Eisbibers, even if they're unrelated to the construction, simply to set an example to the rest.

Season 1 Blu-ray Grimm Guide Profile

A troll-creature equipped with a large scythe. The scythe carries the inscription "Erntemaschinen von den Grimms," which translates to "Reapers of the Grimms." Pointed ears and protruding eyes, along with wrinkled and blemished complexion. The Hässlich is often behind organized crime activity and gambling rings.



Wesen in Grimm
Accipitrid Wesen Barbatus Ossifrage, Geier, Steinadler
Amphibian Wesen Folterseele
Bovine Wesen Fuilcré, Heftigauroch, Taureus-Armenta
Canine Wesen Anubis, Apgadnieks, Blutbad, Coyotl, Höllentier, Hundjäger, Inugami, Luison, Schakal, Wældreór, Wildesheer
Caprine Wesen Krampus, Seelengut, Ziegevolk
Cathartid Wesen Raub-Kondor
Cetancodont Wesen Taweret
Chelicerate Wesen Spinnetod
Chelonian Wesen Genio Innocuo
Chimeric Wesen Manticore, Naiad, Wettbewerbsgewinner
Chiropteran Wesen Murciélago
Dinosaur Wesen Glühenvolk
Falconid Wesen Uhranuti
Feline Wesen Klaustreich, Weten Ogen
Hexapod Wesen Ataktos Fuse, Gevatter Tod, Jinnamuru Xunte, Kackenkopf, Mellifer, Musasat Alsh-Shabab
Lagomorpha Wesen Willahara
Lepidosauromorphan Wesen Furis Rubian, Königschlange, Lausenschlange, Phansigar, Quijada Vil, Skalengeck, Varme Tyv, Wasser Zahne
Lutrine Wesen Luisant-Pêcheur
Machairodontine Wesen Mauvais Dentes
Meline Wesen Drang-Zorn
Mustelid Wesen Ungeziefer Greifer
Osteichthyan Wesen Cracher-Mortel, Hasenfussige Schnecke, Matança Zumbido, Unnamed Red Herring-like Wesen
Pantherine Wesen Balam, Löwen, Pflichttreue, Yaguaraté
Passeriform Wesen Seltenvogel
Perissodactyl Wesen Dickfellig, Nuckelavee
Primate Wesen Alpe, Aswang, Cupiditas, El Cucuy, El Cuegle, Excandesco, Fuchsteufelwild, Hässlich, Hexenbiest, Indole Gentile, Koschie, Musai, Siegbarste, Wendigo, Wildermann, Zerstörer
Pseudosuchian Wesen Gelumcaedus, Skalenzahne
Rodent Wesen Eisbiber, Mauzhertz, Reinigen, Riesen-Ratte, Stangebär
Sauropsidans Wesen Dämonfeuer
Spiralian Wesen Gedächtnis Esser, Huntha Lami Muuaji, Lebensauger
Strigiform Wesen Scharfblicke
Suinan Wesen Bauerschwein, Malin Fatal, Schinderdiv
Ursid Wesen Jägerbar
Vulpine Wesen Fuchsbau, Kitsune, Vulpesmyrca

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