Hadrian's Wall Soldier
Actor: Scott Thomas
Gender: Male
Type: Unknown
Service of: Hadrian's Wall
Relationships: Dead Martin Meisner, associate
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Killed by Schakal Black Claw agent

The Hadrian's Wall Soldier was a member of Hadrian's Wall who sometimes stood guard outside Eve's cell. He first appeared in "The Grimm Identity" and first spoke in "Clear and Wesen Danger". He was killed in "Set Up" when the HW compound in Tillamook, Oregon, was attacked and destroyed by members of Black Claw.


"Clear and Wesen Danger"Edit

He stood guard at a cell from which the sound of a fight could be heard coming from inside. He opened the cell when Meisner knocked on the door from the inside, and as Meisner started walking away, the guard asked him how things went, and Meisner replied, "Better."

"Eve of Destruction"Edit

He informed Meisner that information had been obtained that Samuel Rankin was going to be at Prosecco's Restaurant that night.


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