Heart Purification Potion
202 - L'esprit ailleurs Spellbreak
Owned by: N/A
Others: Dead Catherine Schade
Sean Renard
Purpose: Heart purification
Location: N/A
TV Show: "The Kiss"

The Heart Purification Potion is used for purifying one's heart. Only the pure of heart can awaken someone under a sleeping spell, and if the one who wishes to perform this task is not pure of heart, they need only to drink this potion. However, the process of being made pure of heart can be absolutely excruciating, depending on the person taking the potion. The ingredients are valued at $300. ("The Kiss")



"Mix the first three ingredients in the order listed over high heat until boiling. Handle the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa with care as it is highly potent. Add several drops at a time, stirring constantly until a faint pink hue appears. Add the remaining two ingredients. The Gum Arabic will cause the potion to thicken and turn light pink or white. Allow the mixture to boil several minutes more, then remove from heat and bottle tightly to avoid losing potency in the evaporating steam.

To wake the sleeping subject, he who kisses her must be pure of heart. This potion must be fully ingested by he who intends to undo the spell.

He must drink all of the potion in one sitting, several hours before the kiss is to take place -but not more than twenty four hours before, or the potion will wear off.

The purification process can be painful depending on how unpure he who drinks it is prior to the process." ("Spice Shop at NBC")

Side EffectsEdit

If the user of the heart purification potion kisses someone under the influence of L'esprit ailleurs, both the purified user and the one who's kissed may be afflicted with a side effect that causes a dangerous attraction to occur between the two. The only known cure for this side effect is a blended mixture similar to the heart purification potion: an Infatuation Cure.


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