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Hot Weather, Cold Welcome is the first mission in Maghreb in Grimm: Dark Legacy.


August 1493

Upon my arrival in Tangier, I went to pay my respects to the governor Lopo Vaz de Azevedo. That Portuguese figa didn't even listen to my concerns about dangerous "individuals" fleeing the Christian Kingdoms, and sent me away like a peon!

Since I was unable to get on the better side of the most powerful man in town, I was left dry in a country I barely knew. My journey onwards would be long and tiresome, in order to keep myself invigorated I gathered fruits and meat before venturing further into the desert...


  • Collect Flesh (4)
  • Collect Berries (4)




Missions of Dark Legacy


The Journey Begins


Survive the Night Voice of Hunger Farmer In Trouble Iberian Escape


Hot Weather, Cold Welcome Seek a Sufi

Side Missions

Leisure Hunt

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