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"The Last Fight"
"Highway of Tears"
"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"

A Hundjäger (HOONT-yay-gər; Germ. Hund "dog" + Jäger "hunter"; singular = plural) is a vicious hound dog-like Wesen that first appeared in "Cat and Mouse". They are the Verrat's main enforcers. Hundjägers are fast, clever, cold and calculating, making them ideal for professions like assassinations and bounty hunting.


Season 1Edit

"Cat and Mouse"Edit

An unnamed Hundjäger pursues Ian Harmon through Washington DC, and tracks him to his hotel room, where Ian kills him and then leaves.

Edgar Waltz arrives in the room and deduces that Ian is heading for Portland by bus. Edgar pursues Ian and injures him at the Bus Station, but loses his trail. By killing a couple of Laufer sympathizers Edgar is able to trace Ian to Rosalee Calvert's Exotic Spice & Tea Shop where he holds Rosalee hostage to force Monroe to bring Ian to him. Monroe arrives with Ian and the Grimm Det. Nick Burkhardt. The three of them overpower Edgar and he is killed by Ian.

Season 2Edit

"Season of the Hexenbiest"Edit

Four unnamed Hundjägers (3 male and 1 female) arrive in Portland as aides and bodyguard for the former Hexenbiest Adalind Schade while she attempts to get Nick's Key.

Two of the males go with Adalind when she visits Det. Hank Griffin at home, and once she leaves, beat him up. Whether this was done purely to keep him from aiding Nick Burkhardt or there was an element of revenge for the callous way he dumped her is unknown.

The four of them are relaxing in their hotel room when they are interrupted twice by Monroe, looking for Leroy who apparently owes him money. They decide that Monroe needs to be taught a lesson and follow him to a deserted parking lot where they are ambushed and killed by Nick Burkhardt.

In his home, an unnamed Hundjäger attacks Jacques, and possibly kills him, since he is reported dead in "Face Off".

"Face Off"Edit

The bodies of the Hundjägers Nick and Monroe fought in "Season of the Hexenbiest" are looked at by the police and medical examiners.

Season 3Edit

"Stories We Tell Our Young"Edit

Two armed Hundjäger storm into the hideout in Vienna where Captain Renard and Meisner are sleeping. On their way down the stairs, they shoot the beds where Renard and Meisner were, but they heard them coming an were no longer in the beds. When the Hundjäger got to the bottom of the stairs, Renard and Meisner each killed one of them. Renard snapped one's neck and Meisner slammed the other one's head into the wall.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"Edit

Some members of the Verrat try to kill Tavitian at a roadblock, but they are unsuccessful as he shoots and kills all of them.

"Once We Were Gods"Edit

A group of Hundjäger were seen in the Swiss Alps with the tortured Sebastien on the road where he dropped off Adalind and Meisner. One of them stayed behind to guard Sebastien while the rest of the group lead by Viktor went out to find Adalind and her daughter.

The  group was later seen entering Meisner's cabin. Viktor said that the fireplace was still warm so they cannot be far. Then the Hundjägers woged to try to capture the scent of Adalind and Meisner.

"The Show Must Go On"Edit

The Verrat agents and Viktor continue pursuing Meisner and Adalind in the forest that the two are hiding in. After Meisner and Adalind sneak their way back to the road, one Hundjäger stops them, pointing his gun at Meisner. Adalind then telekinetically forces the agent to shoot himself with his own gun, despite the pleas from the Hundjäger.

After Meisner and Adalind escape, the remaining Hundjägers and Viktor find Sebastien sitting in the other car with a gun. All of the Hundjägers are then shot and killed when they attempt to get to Sebastien inside the car.


Two Hundjägers acting on the orders of Prince Viktor kill Gregor Danilov in his office. They then leave with the body, passing Rispoli as he arrives to be appointed the new head of the Verrat.

"The Law of Sacrifice"Edit

Weston Steward, an FBI Agent in service of the Royals, and a Hundjäger, is told by Viktor to find Adalind and Diana. He sends two Verrat agents, who are Hundjäger to kill Renard and Adalind in Renard's condo. However, Nick arrives, uses one as a human shield, making the other shoot and kill him. Kelly then wrestles with the other, forces himself to shoot him, killing him as well.

Later, in his home, Steward is worried that the Royals will kill him if he doesn't get the child. He then finds Kelly, Nick, and Renard in his home, and Renard punches his face, knocking him out. They tie him to a chair and begin to interrogate him. He reveals that Rispoli is on his way, and will not be alone. Renard then gives a note for Steward to show Rispoli.

Steward meets with Rispoli and Viktor at the airport, and tells them that he failed to get the child. He then asks Viktor if he minded if he took care of Renard after it was over, to which Viktor replied "not at all".

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"Edit

Steward finds Renard in the streets and tries to kill him, when a bus stops and Steward looses Renard. He then sees Renard driving off, missing his chance.

He is later seen outside of Renard's apartment, when he brings Adalind.

"The Inheritance"Edit

A Verrat agent goes into an elevator in a hotel with Josh Porter, posing as a resident. He then attacks Josh in his hotel room, trying to get the trunk, when his father, Rolek Porter, stabbed the agent in the back with a sword, killing him. About four minutes later, Steward goes into the room, and finds the dead agent. He woges, and rushes out of the hotel room.

Later, Steward calls Josh, posing as "Detective Donavon" and asked him where he was. He then drives off with four Verrat agents. Later that night, three of the agents locate the trunk, when Hank comes out and orders them onto the ground. Steward then tries to run Hank over, who leaps out of the way. Just then, Trubel and Nick arrive, and begin to fight the agents. A fourth agent gets out of the car and Steward drives off. Hank joins the fight, and the three easily defeat the agents.

"Blond Ambition"Edit

Steward followed Sean Renard to Nick and Juliette's Home and shot Renard as he was leaving the structure. When he saw Trubel, he chased her upstairs, not knowing that she was a Grimm until he woged for the kill. Trubel counter-attacked and cut off Steward's head with her machete.

Season 4Edit

"Thanks for the Memories"Edit

The police and FBI investigated the beheading of Weston Steward in Nick and Juliette's house.

"Cry Luison"Edit

When Josh Porter got back to his family home in Philadelphia, he found it trashed. Hearing him, two Verrat agents come downstairs and attack him, but he threw an urn containing his dad's ashes at one of them and ran off. They woged and followed him out of the house, but he managed to escape onto a bus.


In the comics, Hundjägers are depicted with black fur instead of brown and red eyes instead of yellow.

Characteristics Edit

Hundjägers have a quite severe woge. They grow thick brown over their heads and bodies, long canine ears, a dogs snout, and razor sharp teeth. Although it becomes part of their fur, the imprint of their hair line is still visible. Unlike many Wesen there doesn't appear to be any obvious differences in this form, depending on the gender of the Hundjägers. However, there are some variations in the species, as some have black markings on grey fur, and a pink nose, similar to a Mauvais Dentes. In addition, those variations have a less pronounced dog snout and longer, more visible pointy ears.

Hundjägers are excellent trackers, as they have the ability to track prey over enormous distances and often hunt their prey across whole continents relentlessly. Like several other canine Wesen, such as Blutbad and Fuchsbau they posses an enhanced sense of smell, but not one as great as Blutbaden. They also don't seem to be nearly as strong, since they generally rely on firearms to intimidate, subdue, or kill their targets, and Monroe was able to overpower one on two separate occasions; one in his Blutbad form, while the other as a human. Although, as a few of them were willing to attack Nick unarmed, they may have some strength enhancement. They also appear to be somewhat faster than humans, and can kill grown men with ease. ("Season of the Hexenbiest") Like Coyotl and Fuchsbau, their teeth are sharp enough to sever flesh, and they sometimes kill with them. Hundjägers can suppress their woge to just their eyes, which turn a noticeable shade of gold, as seen with the female Hundjäger who tried to kill Tavitian. ("Twelve Days of Krampus")

Behavior Edit

They're very tenacious when they are on the hunt, they will let nothing stop them from finding their target, and will even randomly kill people, if they believe it will help. An example is when Edgar Waltz followed Ian Harmon from St. Louis to Portland. However, they have a great belief in the sanctity of the rules, such as in the case of the Freidenreden.

Because of their reputation, they are widely feared among Wesen, even by Blutbaden. However, in "Cat and Mouse" Edgar Waltz is surprised and perhaps even afraid when he discovers that Monroe is not a Fuchsbau, but a Blutbad, suggesting that perhaps the feeling is mutual.

Due to both having worked for the Verrat, Hundjägers regard Grimms, as not friends, but convenient allies.

Hundjägers were the enforcers responsible for mass executions of renegade Wesen during the Second World War, a notable example being their infiltration of the Spanish army and monarchy during Franco's regime.

It's rumored that they eat their mothers from inside the womb.


Main article: Hundjäger/Images

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