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Iberian Escape is the fourth and final mission in Iberia in Grimm: Dark Legacy. It has a difficulty rating of 1/3.


July 1493

I travelled the Christian Kingdoms from North to South, but the origin of the blood-driven Wesen still evaded me. After visiting Granada where the righteous reconquista of Ferdinand and Isabella pretty much ended. I was convinced the Wesen had fled back to the former Almohad Realm to escape slavery, or a worse fate.

Staying any longer here would have been a waste of time. I has to leave Andalusia for Maghreb and pursue my quest there. An old friend of mine, Sahid Al Bashar, agreed to help me cross the strait of Gibraltar in order to reach his native lands. I met with him on a shady night, not to far from the road to Málaga.





Missions of Dark Legacy


The Journey Begins


Survive the Night Voice of Hunger Farmer In Trouble Iberian Escape


Hot Weather, Cold Welcome Seek a Sufi

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