Infatuation Cure
213-the potion
Owned by: N/A
Others: Nick Burkhardt
Purpose: Stop the side effects of the Heart Purification Potion
Location: N/A

The Infatuation Cure was a potion that Nick Burkhardt drank in "Face Off" to help Juliette Silverton regain her memory of him and to stop Juliette and Sean Renard from being obsessed with each other after Renard drank the Heart Purification Potion and kissed Juliette to wake her from her coma in "The Kiss".


Though the ingredients in the cure are mainly the same as the Heart Purification Potion, the preparation is different. Rather than boiling, this concoction is better prepared blended.


Steps to make the PotionEdit

Add the first three ingredients in the order listed and blend vigorously. Handle the Toxicodendron with care as it is highly potent. Add several drops at a time, stirring constantly until the color changes. Add the remaining ingredients. The kacip fatimah will cause the potion to thicken and change color again. When finished, the mixture should appear white and lumpy. The entire concoction must be ingested by the subject.


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