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"Inugami" is an upcoming episode. This page may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk

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Written by: Kyle McVey
Directed by: Sharat Raju
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"The Believer"
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"Good to the Bone"
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"Inugami" is the seventeenth episode of Season 5 of Grimm and the one hundred and fifth episode overall. It is scheduled to air on April 15, 2016 on NBC.


Press Release

Guest stars

Keiko Agena
Madoka Akagi
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Takeshi Himura



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Production Notes

  • Filming for this episode began on January 27, 2016.



  • This is the first episode since "The Show Must Go On" in season 3 to be written by Kyle McVey and the first episode that he wrote solo.
  • Inugami are a class of beings in Japanese mythology belonging to the spirits known as Kami. They are generally created by Onmyōji. Japanese folklore describes Inugami as zoomorphic, or anthropomorphic, dog-like beings, often similar to werewolves. They are also known to be masters of black magic.
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