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This page lists objects which appear only in "Island of Dreams"


Seen in "Island of Dreams" 115-pipe
Owned by Joshua Hall
Clint Vickers
Purpose To inhale Jay and other drugs
Comments The Saugendampf (ZOW-gən-dompf; pl: -dämpfe (-daymp-fə); Ger. saugen "to suck" + Dampf "vapor") is the horn-like pipe Clint and Joshua were using to smoke Jay. The pipe has a huge end like a horn to inhale as much vapor as possible. According to Monroe, dedicated Jay addicts own and use these pipes.


Seen in "Island of Dreams" IslandofDreams tents
Purpose Place to smoke Jay
Comments Trauminsel (TROWM-in-səl; pl: -inseln; Ger. "dream island") or island of dreams is a slang term for a Jay crackhouse. There is at least one located in Portland, Oregon, though Rosalee Calvert said that they were "everywhere."

(Note: It is assumed that there are very few or no Trauminsels at all in Seattle, Washington, since Rosalee went there to get clean of smoking Jay.)

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