"Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman..." - Jack the Giant Killer

"Jack the Giant Killer" is a British fairy tale about a courageous young man who slays a number of giants during King Arthur's reign. The tale is characterized by violence, gore and bloodletting. Jack's as strong as he is clever, using hit wit to trick the giants. Jack first encounters a cattle-devouring giant and lures him to his death in a pit trap, and is dubbed "Jack the Giant Killer" for his feat. He then ventures forth alone with his magic shoes, sword, cloak and cap to rid the realm of troublesome giants.

While "Game Ogre" draws inspiration from "Jack the Giant Killer" for the Ogre creature Siegbarste, the simple tale of blood, gore and trickery serves as little other inspiration. Though, like Jack, Nick Burkhardt must use his intelligence to come up with a creative way to kill these seemingly indestructible beasts.

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